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Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Computer-assisted language learning has become the fastest growing method of learning new languages as being able to take your lessons with you on a portable device or in your car have increased. Among the most popular and effective brands of language learning software is Rosetta Stone, which offers a wide variety of languages from all over the world at varying levels of complexity. Whether you are going on an international trip or have a business partner in another country, your experience can change dramatically by learning a new language with ease and as quickly as possible.

My Choice Software currently offers Rosetta Stone computer-assisted language learning software for homeschooling students in American English, French, German, Italian, and Latin America Spanish. Each set comes complete with levels 1-5 and utilizes dynamic immersion techniques to aid in the quick learning of basic language tenets over standard memorizing or translating. Each level contains lessons and experiences that teach the language basics and build vocabulary through the practical application of common words and phrases for everyday life and conversation. This immersion approach uses vivid imagery and sounds to make learning the new language more approachable and akin to the way students learned their first language as children.

This kind of approach has made the Rosetta Stone brand successful, using our natural learning abilities through pattern recognition and experience to for a comprehensive curriculum designed to keep students engaged in every lesson. Whether for a student or self-improvement, Rosetta Stone products are a welcome addition for anyone looking to further their communication abilities across different cultures.

My Choice Software works hard to bring you the very best software, computer, and electronic products at the best prices without sacrifice to quality. Whether your needs are for the office or at home, we have the software solutions you need to be more productive while saving money. Our knowledgeable staff is available when you need them to provide support and answers to your questions that you might have to wait extended periods for when contacting the manufacturers. If there is ever a product you would like My Choice Software to offer, contact us with your suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding computer-assisted language learning products, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or; our representatives are also available during business hours for SMS text messaging at (949) 612-2053 or web chat via Facebook or the “Chat with us!” icon to the right.