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Aee Technology Inc Aee Waterproof Housing Back Cover with Rotatable Clip for MD10 Action Camera -
  • $2999
Aee Technology Inc Head Strap Mount -
  • $1999
Aee Technology Inc Helmet Front/selfie Mount -
  • $1999
Aee Technology Inc Camera Case -
  • $2499
Aee Technology Inc Aee S40 Pro Record Video 16mp Camera -
  • $14999
Aee Technology Inc Police Body Camera -
  • $29999
Aee Technology Inc Police Body Camera P60 High Definition Digital Camcorder -
  • $49900
Aee Technology Inc Aee S60 Plus 1080p/60 16mp 120fps Camera -
  • $29900
Aee Technology Inc Aee S71tplus 120fps Camera -
  • $39900
Aee Technology Inc Aee S71 4k 2.7k 1080p/60  Camera -
  • $39999
Aee Technology Inc Aee Waterproof Housing Anti-fog Inserts -
  • $999
Aee Technology Inc Mini Waterproof Housing And Back Covers for S71&S60 Action Camera -
  • $4999


My Choice Software is more than just software products for your computer! We have many kinds of electronics and accessories to fit into your daily lifestyle, including cameras, mounting equipment, TVs, and computer games.

Cameras and Imaging

Cameras have changed daily life for many people, providing a new means of being social and keeping a better eye on the things we value. Webcams provide us with a new means of talking to others over long distances with the same sensation as being there in person. Security cameras allow businesses, private residences, and locations with valuable commodities to feel more secure. The Internet of Things concept is bringing cameras to the forefront of socialization as well as security, increasing their popularity as they become smaller and Wi-Fi capable.

Digital Cameras and Accessories

Having the right kind of digital cameras and accessories can make all the difference in the quality of your videos for those special moments in life or to make your next business promo. From the cameras themselves to mounting equipment, My Choice Software offers a range of products that will help you get excellent production value from your video projects.


Gaming and digital entertainment has come a long way over the last two decades, taking video games from the arcade to the home with more extensive experiences. Two of the leading types of gaming today are PC and console gaming, both of which boast the best graphical design, audio quality, and fast-paced action games on the market.

TVs and Accessories

High definition technology in televisions has improved the quality of picture and sound so much so that what you see and hear seem as if they are really there in the room with you. My Choice Software offers a number of HD TVs, projectors, home theater systems, mounting equipment, 3-D glasses, and more.

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