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    Digital Cameras and Accessories from My Choice Software

    Having the right kind of digital cameras and accessories can make all the difference in the quality of your videos for those special moments in life or to make your next business promo. From the cameras themselves to mounting equipment, My Choice Software offers a range of products that will help you get excellent production value from your video projects.

    Action Cameras

    Action cameras are small HD cameras that can be mounted just about anywhere to get those shots that just are not possible with a full-sized camera. They tend to be lightweight, water-resistant and can stand up to many environmental extremes. Besides being used for action shots, action cameras are also useful for security surveillance in the home, business, or government entity.

    Mounting Equipment

    Mounting equipment can be just as important as the camera itself, as the placement for shots can change the dynamic of the video. From traditional mounting equipment to mounts for the body, you can capture your shots in any way you choose. Placement of microphones can also have a profound effect on the audio, so ensure it is secure and high quality.

    Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras

    If you want to begin filming from a fixed vantage point without having to be physically near the camera, using a Wi-Fi enabled remote to start and stop the camera can give you the flexibility you need to achieve those great shots.

    My Choice Software works hard to bring you the very best software, computer, and electronic products at the best prices without sacrifice to quality. Whether your needs are for the office or at home, we have the software solutions you need to be more productive while saving money. Our knowledgeable staff is available when you need them to provide support and answers to your questions that you might have to wait extended periods for when contacting the manufacturers. If there is ever a product you would like My Choice Software to offer, contact us with your suggestions.

    My Choice Software offers action cameras, mounting equipment, microphones, and Wi-Fi remotes from AEE Technology, an innovator in action camera and accessory technology. If you have any questions regarding digital cameras or accessory products, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or; our representatives are also available during business hours for SMS text messaging at (949) 612-2053 or web chat via Facebook or the “Chat with us!” icon to the right.

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