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Besides software for being productive, My Choice Software also has many hardware products to make your machine and workspace more optimized for more efficiency when working. We also carry computer mounting equipment for a more ergonomic experience in additions to functional accessories to improve your computer’s performance. Want to keep your information private from all angles except your own? Install a privacy screen so that no one can see your screen from the sides. Computers and hardware come in all shapes and uses, so check out the inventory list to find something that suits you best!


Building a PC isn’t the daunting task you may think it is. Once you get started, assembling a system from various parts and components is a very gratifying experience. The most satisfying feature of building a custom computer is dodging the out of the box "all-in-one" systems that come with pre-installed 'Bloatware' that slows speed and crowds memory.

Laptops and Computers

Check out our great selection of top-rated laptops, tablets, and computers to keep your computing performance on its A-game. My Choice Software hand-selects our favorite computers and laptops for discerning digital users who need innovative yet affordable solutions for work and play. From the game-changing Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that’s a full-featured laptop and touch-screen tablet in one to the affordable Dell Latitude that’s perfect for students or frill-free home users, My Choice Software certainly has a device that suits your budgets, needs, and preferences.

Printers and Scanners

With our wide selection, it's easy to determine what printer suited you best. Portable photo printers are convenient for printing instant photos and laser printers designed for office use. To maximize productivity in a small office, an all-in-one printer can be connected to multiple computers, while large corporations require professional printers for high volume use.

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