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    Microsoft Exchange 2016 – Academic - My Choice Software

    Microsoft Exchange 2016 – Academic


    Microsoft has a long history of making its software available to students, teachers and educational institutions at a discount rate and this philosophy applies to Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016. In order to buy this version of Exchange, an .edu email address is required. This standard version has a simplified architecture with a fast search feature and inbox for efficient email capabilities. Many security features are in place to make email usage safe and this software has enhanced auditing that provides easier integration with third-party programs. Educational institutions that are using Exchange Server do so because this software provides an ideal email service for students and faculty.

    Exchange integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook and the calendaring service provides an easy way for universities to publish school events and notices. Exchange Server has spam filtering and anti-malware capabilities and setting up the service is easy. In addition to shared and resource calendars, Exchange allows educational institutions to easily send mass email announcements to students and faculty, which is essential in cases of emergency. Exchange Server email can be used on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets so school administrators can be assured that students will have access to all school emails when they add their school email account to the device. Exchange can be located on-site, in the cloud or both; regardless of where it is located, the high level of service will be the same. Note that in addition to requiring an .edu email to purchase this software, the institution must meet certain requirements and Open Education licenses are not available in all areas. Please contact the support staff at My Choice Software for more information. Back to top