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Microsoft MapPoint 2013 PC License -
  • $39999
Microsoft MapPoint 2013 PC Retail Box -
  • $44999

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 gets you where you need to go. The detailed mapping software combines business data with street maps and location information so you can plan a trip from start to finish easier than ever before. Insert your maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office or create and share maps with your favorite navigation devices. With MapPoint 2013, you can do more.

For Travelers

MapPoint 2013 comes with updated street-level maps for greater accuracy. The software has a new look and comes pre-programmed with over 2.5 million points of interest so you can plan your trip from start to finish and never miss an attraction along the way. There are even hotel and restaurant reviews and ratings, so you can find great places to eat or sleep even when you’re far away from home.

When you’re on the road, you’ll be able to streamline your travel and arrive on time with detailed directions and voice prompts to make it easy to follow your route. You can even calculate mileage, drive time and potential expenses in advance so you’ll be prepared before you leave.

For Businesses

MapPoint 2013 is the perfect tool for business owners to check out the competition. The software makes it easy to combine business data with mapping and location. Turn complex information stored in spreadsheets and data tables into easy-to-use maps. You can also visualize sales and competitor data along with customer information so you can make better business decisions. Create data-rich maps to show relationships, identify trends and find opportunities. When you’re on the road, get turn-by-turn directions so you can find suppliers, warehouses and locations with ease.

The software even allows you to track mileage, drive time and expenses for accounting and tax purposes. With Microsoft MapPoint 2013, every step of your trip is documented and ready for review later, so you won’t underreport expenses or miss important deductions.

Though MapPoint was discontinued by Microsoft, you can still get your own copy of this fantastic program from My Choice Software. Order your copy today and make the most of your next adventure.

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