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    Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 - Open License |


    Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

    Sometimes, the best way to make your point is with a rousing presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint has you fully covered with one of the best presentation programs on the market. It comes standard with all versions of Microsoft Office. Every release has come with increasingly innovative facilities and, once again, Microsoft has not disappointed.  If you're unsure about how Microsoft PowerPoint will revolutionize your visual communications, here are just a few reasons to join millions of other PowerPoint users:


    Microsoft PowerPoint's Animation capabilities are a quick and fun way to use movement to accentuate parts of your presentation. Once you add content on a slide, you can use the Animations menu to add all kinds of movements and gestures to the way that content appears on the screen, behaves while onscreen and the way it leaves the screen. This makes for a much more engaging presentation. With the Motion Path feature, you can program objects can move across the screen along a predetermined path that you specify. The basic Motion Paths provided include virtual pathways to follow the shapes of Lines, Arcs, Turns, Shapes, Loops and even more complex shapes. There is also a Custom Path where you have full control. There are also additional effects options and triggers you can use to make the different elements appear when and how you decide they should. Absolute control over every aspect of the presentation belongs to you.

    Narrate over Slides

    This is yet another way to make your presentation more informative and engaging. You can record a narration for your slides and it then becomes part of the presentation. This is perfect if you’re unable to be physically present to speak when your presentation is being shown or if somehow, images and text aren’t enough to really get your point across. You can use a regular microphone plugged into your computer and record your narration as the slideshow plays. This is also quite useful when rehearsing an important presentation. You can record your script over the slideshow and tweak where necessary so that your performance is top notch.

    Embed a YouTube Video in your PowerPoint Presentation

    If you have a YouTube link to a video that you’d like to include in your presentation, including it is now a pain free process. Simply find the video you want to embed, locate and copy the Embed code. Then paste that code back into the Insert Video from Website option. When your presentation opens, so will the embedded video.

    Embed a Functioning Excel Worksheet into a Presentation

    You can now embed a completely functional Excel Worksheet right into your Microsoft PowerPoint slide. And you can do so with just a few clicks. Granted that a large-scale worksheet may not display well here, but a smaller worksheet will work perfectly. The embedded worksheet will be able to perform all its Excel duties.

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