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    Microsoft Word 2016 - Open License |


    Microsoft Word 2016

    The Word program is probably the most popular word processor in use today. And for good reason, too. The features that Microsoft have built into it are smart, simple to navigate and rich in functionality. You can use this comprehensive program to create all sorts of documents from resumes, dissertations and newsletters to event invites, business stationery and much more. Here are a few key features that you will quickly find indispensable:


    The value of this tool for people involved in writing academic material is immeasurable. You can now find and use reliable content and sources in your paper without needing to go to separate web browsers and locations. You can explore material related to your topic right from inside Word 2016 itself. Also, the added headache of formatting references, bibliographies and citations is now no more. There are a variety of formatting options so that your document has all necessary acknowledgments laid in its relevant formatting requirement. This tool is, as other tools like this, always a work in progress so you can expect updates and improvements.


    Editor is a virtual assistant for all your Word 2016 projects. As the name suggests, it provides editorial suggestions and ideas to make your document the best version of itself. It provides several suggestions and options to put the perfect finishing touches on your document. It also has first class proofing abilities that will take care of minor mistakes while you focus on the big ideas. Word 2016 is smart enough to notice things like redundancy and unclear writing styles. It will help you fix anything that might make your written work less than perfect.

    Smart Lookup

    The old dictionary has been removed from the Office suite. It has been replaced it with a more intelligent search window that is powered by Bing, Microsoft's search-engine partner. It performs much like a web browser and provides you with webpage links, definitions, images, and related websites. All this happens within Word 2016 itself and the best part is that all the content you see can simply be dragged-and-dropped right into your document.

    Tell Me Feature

    The Tell Me tool is a firm favorite in all the apps of Office 2016 and its usefulness in Word 2016 is unending. Instead of navigating help topics, searching subtopics and then trying to follow suite on the Word interface, all you do is type in what you want to do. That’s it. The Tell me tool will present you with the feature you asked for. Simply click it and voila. The action has been performed. No extra clicks required.

    Real-Time Typing

    If you choose to save your documents in OneDrive, it will continue to save in real-time, which means you can log in to Word 2016 from any other device and pick up right where you left off. You are no longer bound to your location to finish a document or need to coordinate multiple saved versions of the same document. Word 2016 works where you are, not the other way around.

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