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    Microsoft Word LTSC for Mac CSP |
    Microsoft Word LTSC for Mac CSP MFR # CSP-DG7GMGF0D7DC-0002
    Microsoft Excel LTSC for Mac CSP |
    Microsoft Excel LTSC for Mac CSP MFR # CSP-DG7GMGF0D7CZ-0002
    Microsoft Powerpoint LTSC for Mac CSP |
    Microsoft Powerpoint LTSC for Mac CSP MFR # CSP-DG7GMGF0D7CV-0002
    Microsoft Outlook LTSC for Mac CSP |
    Microsoft Outlook LTSC for Mac CSP MFR # CSP-DG7GMGF0D7CX-0002
    Microsoft Office LTSC Standard for Mac 2021 CSP |

    Microsoft Office for Mac Category

    Microsoft Office for Mac brings the popular productivity software suite to iOS without sacrificing capability or quality. Office for Mac provides Apple hardware devices such as the MacBook series, iMac and iPad series with the ability to be productive with Microsoft’s most popular software, tailored to be compatible with Apple operating systems.

    Mac users enjoy the same programs as PC users with access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint completing tasks at work, assignments for class, or just keeping track of your messages in between. Each program interface is designed to work well with iOS display design so Mac users will have a familiar experience when navigating the tools of each program.

    My Choice Software offers multiple Office Mac download options, including the tried-and-true Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 series as well as the newest 2016 versions of Office for Mac. However, if you would like to just have one of the programs rather than the entire suite, My Choice Software also offers single program open license Office Mac download options.

    Microsoft Word is the best word processing software in the world, allowing users to add text, images, clip art, WordArt, and more to enhance the look and feel of documents.

    Microsoft Excel is a modular data table program that allows users to organize complex information into a grid-like format and is able to make mathematical calculations, graphs, and charts for use in presentations and documents.

    Microsoft PowerPoint is an advanced slideshow program that allows users to add text, images, and links to different slides, and includes transitional effects and animations to bring your presentation to life.

    Microsoft Outlook (Office for Mac Home and Business ONLY) is an all-in-one email inbox system that serves as a central hub for multiple email addresses, providing advanced security, organization, and storage features to keep your messages safe and in one place.    

    For all inquiries regarding Microsoft Office for Mac, contact us in the any of the following ways:

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