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    Microsoft Project 2010 Professional is a project-management platform that provides you and your team with all the tools needed to make your project a success. It can handle projects of all sizes and complexities for any industry. Even non-corporate organizations and charities would benefit from a Project 2010 download. Resources are always in short supply and Project 2010 will help you make the most out of what you have. Here are some ways in which a Project 2010 download will bring a new dimension of productivity to your organization:

    The Ribbon

    Your Project 2010 Pro download has fully embraced the Ribbon which is designed to help you accomplish your project goals faster and more efficiently. The traditional Menu-and-sub-menu layout has been replaced by the more logical tabbed layout of the Ribbon. Commands are now arranged in groupings related to the nature of the command (E.g. Adding any elements to the Project file can all be found under the "Insert" tab.). It's easier to find what you're looking for and this ultimately saves precious time.

    Better Resource Planning

    Microsoft Project 2010 Professional now offers a more insightful view of resource conflicts. In previous versions, you could identify resource overloading, but it required switching to a different view to resolve it. But now, using Team Planner View, you can view team assignments and rearrange tasks amongst team members, as required by the dynamic nature of your projects.

    More Flexible Scheduling

    Users can now manually schedule tasks that are independent of project calendars or task dependencies. This is a handy feature for smaller projects that is more task-list focused. There are many benefits to dynamic scheduling because it allows you more control over the management of your project.

    Task Inspector

    The Task Inspector helps identify specific tasks that are causing scheduling problems and provides options to resolve the issue. You can reschedule the conflicting task or view the overloaded resources in Team Planner. It even gives further information on which specific factors were affecting the task. This is particularly useful in a large project schedule when you need to quickly determine which tasks are causing problems so you can take action.

    Timeline View

    The Timeline View shows an overview of the project schedule and lets you select only the tasks and milestones that need to be addressed. By filtering the Gantt chart to display only the milestones and the summary tasks, you may pick any task or milestone and display it in the Timeline View. In a Microsoft Project 2010 Pro download, this is an automated process, based on the project data. Changes in dates and deadlines are reflected immediately.

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