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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is available from MyChoice Software in a variety of choices and at different price points. No matter which Microsoft SQL Server 2005 product you pick, however, you’ll find that a couple of things are constant at MyChoice Software: the most affordable prices anywhere and our dedication to superior customer service.

Our selection of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 software includes Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition 64 bit with 10 user client access licenses in a retail box; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with five users OEM DVD; and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition 32 bit plus five user client access licenses.

All of these products share the power of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 software underlying them. Ideal for departmental use, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 offers a full-featured platform for running departmental online transaction processing and business intelligence applications. It’s easy to use and manage and is ideal for departmental deployments, small- to medium-scale OLTP deployments, OLTP deployments not expected to grow rapidly, and reporting and analysis deployments.

If you have questions about which Microsoft SQL Server 2005 product is best for your situation, call MyChoice Software toll free. Our sales and support staff here in California will give you prompt, friendly advice to help you decide what’s best for your organization.