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    Absolute Software Lojack for Mobile - My Choice Software

    LoJack for Mobile

    In today’s world, the use of mobile devices has increased to a level unsurpassed by even computers, so losing your smartphone or tablet can be a significant problem. Losing valuable contacts or irreplaceable memories and photos that you do not have copies of anywhere else is unacceptable in the modern age. LoJack for Mobile devices can not only help to locate a lost smartphone or tablet but also protect your data through locking your screen or remotely wiping the memory for later recovery.

    Absolute Software is the manufacturer of Absolute LoJack, the industry leader in protecting your data in case your device is stolen as well as locating the device for recovery. Absolute LoJack’s patented Persistence technology is activated within your device’s firmware once installed and is capable of surviving factory resets or hard wipes. Persistence allows Absolute LoJack’s Investigations and Recovery team locate and recover your stolen device, keeping your data safe and providing you with peace of mind.

    Starting off in the automotive industry, LoJack has become a household name for the protection of stolen property AND the ability to find and recover what has been lost. Absolute LoJack for laptops offers protection for your portable computer devices to keep your valuable data safe from theft as well as a means of tracking down your stolen device to be returned to you. By using an Absolute LoJack subscription, you can protect your device(s) in a few ways:

    • Locate your device using an advanced GPS, Wi-Fi, or IP geolocation signature
    • Lock your device remotely to prevent unwanted access to your device in case it is lost or stolen, including the option to add a custom message to the lock screen
    • Delete personal or sensitive information remotely to prevent  thieves from accessing your data to commit fraud or identity theft
    • Recover your device once found via Absolute LoJack’s Investigations and Recovery team
    • Premium Package Guarantee - If Absolute LoJack is not able to locate your stolen device within 60 days, they will help you pay for a replacement device; see the Service Guarantee for more details

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