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    CorelCAD Software - My Choice Software


    Corel provides users with customizable 2D drafting tools and advanced 3D design tools in an interactive workspace for an improved design experience. The primer Corel product offered by My Choice Software is Corel CorelCAD 2016, the latest addition to the CorelCAD family. CorelCAD is a powerful software suite that taking 2D designs and transforms them into 3D CAD renderings. Looking at future and current projects in a 3D form give life to the project and help everyone involved to get a better understanding of a variety of variables that are difficult to grasp on paper.

    These products also offer an intuitive ribbon UI system, DWG file format support, and are optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets. Corel CorelCAD 2016 provides a variety of 2D drafting tools and 3D design tools for forming your project into a reality. CorelCAD also offers a range of customization options in addition to high speed and performance on your chosen platform.  

    My Choice Software also makes the Corel CorelCAD Education version available for an affordable option in which construction and design students can learn to marry 3D touchscreen technology with design elements in the modern world of building.  

    Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, software can help businesses, engineers and innovators visualize their creations using 2D or 3D rendered images. Making blueprints come to life or demonstrating a future project for a client has never been easier for designers, architects, and builders. This section offers some of the best brands in CAD software programs that provide more options for designers to get more detailed in their creations for more complex projects.

    When used on a mobile device such as a tablet or a touchscreen-capable device, CAD software can be very useful for demonstrations and presentations of your planned designs. Use Corel CorelCAD 2016 for your next building and design project!

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