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Audio & Video Software
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Sony Vegas Pro 13 -
Sony Vegas Pro 13 MFR # SVDVD13000
  • $47999
Sony Creative Software Inc Sony Vegas Pro 14 Esd -
Sony Vegas Pro 14 MFR # SVDVD14099ESD
  • $59995
Sony Creative Software Inc Sony Vegas Pro 14 Suite Esd -
Sony Vegas Pro 14 Suite MFR # SVDVDS14099ESD
  • $79995
Sony Creative Software Inc Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edit Esd -
Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edit MFR # SVPE14099ESD
  • $39995
Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 -
Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 MFR # SF11000
  • $34999
Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 - Download -
  • $31098
Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 -
  • $32999
Sony Creative Software Inc Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Esd -
  • $5995
Apple Final Cut Studio Retail Box for Mac -
  • $1,29999
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Retail Box -
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Retail Box MFR # SVDVD13000
  • $49999
Sony Audio Master Suite Mac -
Sony Audio Master Suite Mac MFR # SAMSM1000
  • $34999
Sony Creative Software Inc Audio Master Suite 2 Esd -
Audio Master Suite 2 MFR # SAMS2099ESD
  • $59995
Whether you're a designer, artist or animator, the web is demanding more multimedia software use every day. Audio is the easiest way to bring your projects to life. Be it a product video clip, or a web slide show; sound is a critical component to enhancing the viewer experience.

Audio Software

Software used to record and edit audio is often referred to as a digital audio editor. Audio may consist of only spoken text, such as the narration of a video, or include music and other sound effects. A digital audio editor typically contains functions for the following tasks:

  • Record audio from a variety of different input sources
  • Mix multiple tracks into one output track
  • Apply effects, such as noise reduction and equalization, to improve the quality
  • Edit sound clips by cutting out certain parts, switching the order of clips, etc.
  • Convert between a variety of different formats
multimedia software, audio software

    Video Software

    Video editing software consists of software for the post-production of video editing. The source material is collected by digital video cameras and imported into the software for editing.

    The most modern video editing software uses a technique known as non-linear editing (NLE). In a digital workflow, the raw video material can be imported and broken up into sections or clips. Clips can be modified by trimming, splicing and cutting, and arranged in a new sequence. Usually, a group of clips is laid out in a work area and then dragged into a timeline representing a draft of the final video. multimedia software, video software

    Graphic Design

    Graphic design software programs such as, CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite, and Corel PaintShop Pro all feature the pen tool, Pantone swatches and grids, guides, and snap-to alignment that help you create intricate and accurate designs. Vector tools allow for creative control and the ability to create truly unique designs.

    If you are hesitant to make an investment in learning cartoons and animation, then Smith Micro Anime Studio Debut 11 - Retail Box serves as an affordable option. The software costs significantly less than the other programs on our lineup and it still maintains the basic tools and features necessary to create the best designs.

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