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    Quark Software Products Availlable at My Choice Software

    Quark is a leader in the content automation world, providing solutions for the creation, publishing, delivery, and management of content in print as well as online and on digital channels. Software produced by Quark is designed to simplify processes to increase efficiency in content delivery, control content better with improved accuracy and consistency, and drive better results with smarter content management.

    My Choice Software offers the innovative QuarkXpress line of products that focus on digital design elements for online and print content publishing. QuarkXpress comes in a few varieties, but all offer the same great product: a user-friendly UI and multiple useful tools that give designers the freedom to create original and expressive layouts.quarkxpress


    The latest QuarkXpress 10 has been improved for an optimized experience and offers more tools for artists to fully utilize the software to make their creations come to life. Some of the improvements in this newer version include the following:

    • New Xenon Graphics Engine for better image rendering and processing performance
    • HiDPI and Retina Display Support for sharper on-screen images
    • Modern and Optimized UI to make using the space much more user-friendly
    • PDF Pass-Through Transparency to avoid flattening images
    • QR Code Creator for custom QR codes
    • Design Content for Tablet and Smartphone Apps for mobile scalability
    • Export to ePub and Kindle for better audience reach
    • Enhanced Import Text Pictures and Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word
    • East Asian Typography Features in Every Edition to reach a wider audience
    • Layers on Master Pages Print Preview to see your work before print or export
    • Missing Font Highlighting for better accuracy

    The My Choice Software Difference

    My Choice Software works hard to bring you the very best software, computer, and electronic products at the best prices without sacrifice to quality. Whether your needs are for the office or at home, we have the software solutions you need to be more productive while saving money. Our knowledgeable staff is available when you need them to provide support and answers to your questions that you might have to wait extended periods for when contacting the manufacturers. If there is ever a product you would like My Choice Software to offer, contact us with your suggestions.

    My Choice Software is currently offering QuarkXpress 9 and 10 variations. If you have any questions regarding Quark products, contact us at 800-318-1439 or; our representatives are also available during business hours for SMS text messaging at (949) 612-2053 or web chat via Facebook or the “Chat with us!” icon to the right.

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