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VMware vSphere 6 with Operations Management

VMware creates the very best technology in cloud and business mobility for businesses looking to make a digital transformation. Digital platforms provided by VMware allow companies to run and manage daily operation while also connecting employees, executives, and customers together through the cloud and devices. Everyone gains freedom in where they work from as well as control over who has access.

This transformation to becoming a digital business is achieved by using software to create new products, services, and value for companies looking to conduct business for the digital age. VMware provides a software-defined approach to business and IT through its ability to provide companies with the means to create exceptional experiences through mobility, create and manage cloud-native applications quickly, build a future-proof cloud infrastructure, and cyber security that protects from the inside out.

vSphere 6 with Operations Management is the most advanced version of the vSphere platform, the most effective virtualization platform tool in the industry. Virtualization allows for a much higher utilization of server resources and cuts the cost of capital and operating expenses in half. Businesses can consolidate their server usage by a minimum of 10:1 and can run multiple apps and operating systems on one server.

Operations Management adds a robust and consistent management system that allows companies to enhance their performance, availability, and utilization of their server infrastructure and applications. vSphere 6 with Operations Management uses predictive analytics to automatically evaluate data and correlate it to check for errors. This system is also adaptive to your business trends to prevent false alarms.

vSphere acts as the foundation for software-defined data centers and can handle the virtualization of applications ranging from typically critical business applications and mobility to cloud services and big data. Users receive top performance, high service levels, and scalability for all applications, along with the following:

  • Deploy virtual machines quickly
  • Prioritize network and storage access while allocating resources to match business needs
  • Deliver superior performance for graphic-intensive applications, including Horizon with Nvidia Grid vGPU
  • Migrate live workloads and storage files between servers to eliminate downtime when a server requires maintenance
  • Integrated vSphere data protection allows for easy data backups and recovery
  • vSphere High Availability and Fault Tolerance protect against unplanned downtime
  • vSphere Automation increases the efficiency of data center tasks
  • Manage your virtual datacenter with VMware vCenter Server
  • Freedom of choice in cloud environment creation

New features included in vSphere 6.5 include the following:

  • Scale Enhancements
  • VMware vCenter Server® Appliance
  • vCenter Server® High Availability
  • vCenter Server Backup and Restore
  • vCenter Server Appliance Tool
  • vSphere Client
  • Security-at-Scale
  • Encryption
  • Audit-quality logging
  • Secure Boot
  • vSphere Integrated Containers™
  • Proactive HA
  • Cross-Cloud vMotion®
  • Virtual Volumes™ Replication

vSphere 6 with Operations Management is offered as the Enterprise Plus version through My Choice Software.

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