Take the Leap into MCS Office 366

MCS Office 366 brings you the power of the latest office suite, plus 1 extra special edition feature within each app, to celebrate the 366 days of 2020!

Available for 1 Day Only April 1, 2020

Editorial AI

Become a more interesting writer.

The new Editorial AI function uses cutting edge artificial intelligence powered by machine learning to give instant conceptual sentiment based writing feedback, helping you to improve your writing and confirm what your parents have always told you.


Analyze Any Ex in Seconds.

Type your Ex's name into a cell and use the new EXLookup formula to immediately pull in their current images, relationship status updates and last check-in locations. Implement the powerful analysis tools powered by AI to sort, filter, pivot and visualize where that relationship went wrong.


Get In-Tune with Your Audience's Feelings.

PowerNap uses the most advanced algorithms to detect the specific points in your presentation most likely to put your audience to sleep, and then automatically integrates gentle nature sounds to encourage a peaceful nap through the duration of your slideshow.

Outlook Messenger

Ensure They Get The Message, with a Human Touch.

A human messenger will hand deliver your message via Surface tablet and stand over your recepients shoulder to confirm they read it, ensuring they get the message!

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