Software Training

Beneits of Software Training

With My Choice Managed Solutions’ online software training program, your company can reduce training costs and enhance employee productivity. We offer Microsoft® Office® training, Adobe® Creative Cloud™ training, Google™ Docs training, and more. Our easy-to-use interface allows employees to find answers to their technology questions quickly, saving your company time and money.

How training can help your business

Our software professionals are able to help employees across multiple departments to better understand the software they utilize every day by providing insightful and thorough training solutions.

  • My Choice Managed Solutions training solutions will help you and your employees move through projects faster and removing technology barriers.
  • With My Choice Managed Solutions training, you will get more out of your software and IT investments by fully utilizing capabilities. Plus, you will save your IT team from being bombarded with everyday technology questions.
  • Get your entire staff up and running on software essential to your business, no matter their expertise level. Our training solution is great for onboarding and transitioning to new or updated software.
  • A better trained staff results in higher morale, increased employee productivity, and reduced costs.

What we offer

My Choice Managed Solutions houses a staff of certified software experts, specializing in staff training solutions for clients in all aspects of software applications. Staff training is available at introduction, intermediate, and advanced levels of competence.

My Choice Managed Solutions provides training on your premises, and offers tailored solutions specific to your staff training needs.

Our in-house solution can take the form of an individually-designed course to meet a particular business requirement. We also offer a more flexible solution whereby a trainer can “walk the floor” throughout the day to assist individual staff queries regarding software and applications.

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What Will You Need?

If you have in-house training facilities such as a dedicated training room or a conference room, My Choice Managed Solutions can arrange a training session on your premises. We charge a flat rate for on-site training, so our services are particularly useful for companies who need to train a large number of people simultaneously.

What Training is Available?

  • Access
  • Excel (including Excel Macros)
  • Outlook
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, etc)
  • Adobe
  • and more
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