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Backup Exec Opt Deduplication Win 1 Server Onpremise Standard License + Essential Maintenance Bundle Initial 24Mo Corporate


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Backup Exec Opt Deduplication Win 1 Server Onpremise Standard License + Essential Maintenance Bundle Initial 24Mo Corporate Backup Exec Opt Deduplication Win 1 Server Onpremise Standard License + Essential Maintenance Bundle Initial 24Mo Corporate
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Product Specifications


Requirements and Recommendations

Deduplication disk storage devices

The following items are required:

  • A 64-bit Backup Exec server.

  • A Backup Exec server with a minimum of 4 cores.

    Veritas recommends 8 cores.

  • For 64 TB of stored deduplicated data, 8 cores are required.

  • A dedicated volume to use as the location to store the deduplication disk storage. The dedicated volume must have 20 percent free space that totals no less than 5 gigabytes (GB) of free space.

  • The deduplication disk storage device must be excluded from antivirus scans. If an antivirus scanner deletes or quarantines the files from the deduplication disk storage device, access to the deduplication disk storage device may be disabled.

  • 8 GB RAM for 5 terabytes (TB) of stored deduplicated data.

    For more than 5 TB of data up to 64 TB, use the following calculation to find the required amount of RAM:

    1.5 GB x n where n is the number of TBs of deduplicated data to be stored.

    For example, to calculate the required amount of RAM for 64 TB of data:

    1.5 x 64 = 96 GB RAM

  • Veritas recommends the following as minimum disk speeds per individual read, write, or verify operation:

    • Up to 32 TBs of storage:

      • 130 MB per second

      • 200 MB per second for enterprise-level performance

    • 32 to 48 TBs of storage: 200 MB per second

    • 48 to 64 TBs of storage: 250 MB per second

The above recommendations are for the performance of a single operation. You may need more capability depending on your objectives for writing to and reading from disk.


You should be aware of the effects that computer disk speeds have on deduplication performance.

Computer disk speeds can have the following effects on deduplication performance:

  • Computers with disk speeds greater than 200 MB per second have optimal read and write performance for deduplication.

  • Computers with disk speeds between 150-200 MB per second have sufficient read and write speed for deduplication.

  • Computers with disk speeds between 100-150 MB per second have some operations with degraded performance.

  • Computers with disk speeds less than 100 MB per second experience poor performance. You should improve disk reads and writes before you install and run deduplication.

Deduplication disk storage connection

  • Storage area network (Fibre Channel or iSCSI), direct-attached storage (DAS), or internal disks are supported.

    Removable disks including USB, eSATA, and FireWire devices are not supported.

  • The Backup Exec server should have redundant connectivity to the storage.

  • The storage network must be a dedicated, low latency network with a maximum of 1-millisecond latency per round trip.

  • The storage network must have enough bandwidth to meet your throughput objectives. Veritas supports the following storage network bandwidths:

    • iSCSI SANs with a bandwidth of at least 10 Gb per second.

    • Fibre Channel SANs with a bandwidth of at least 4 Gb per second.

  • Veritas requires a minimum bandwidth of 130 MB per second for read and write performance. Bandwidth that is less than 130 MB per second may be used in smaller, less resource-intensive environments. However, as usage increases, deduplication requires more bandwidth to ensure adequate throughput for deduplication processes and backups. Otherwise, performance and stability are negatively affected.

Deduplication disk storage credentials

The following requirements are for the password credentials for a deduplication disk storage device:

  • The password cannot be blank

  • The password cannot contain the following characters: &, ", <, >, %, ^

  • The password cannot start with the hyphen character: -

  • The password cannot end with the backslash character: \

OpenStorage devices

To use a Veritas PureDisk device or a storage device from another vendor as an OpenStorage device, you must purchase the device and the appropriate OpenStorage connector from the device's vendor.

You can use the Deduplication Option with OpenStorage devices on a 64-bit Backup Exec server.

The standard system requirements for Backup Exec apply to the Deduplication Option when you use OpenStorage devices.

Client-side deduplication for Windows

On the server where the Agent for Windows is installed, 1.5 GB of memory is required.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems are supported.

Client-side deduplication for Linux

You can find a list of compatible operating systems for Linux client-side deduplication in Backup Exec's Software Compatibility List:

A 64-bit Linux operating system is required.

The following deduplication devices can be used:

  • Deduplication disk storage device

  • Veritas PureDisk OpenStorage device, which is the only type of OpenStorage device that supports client-siide deduplication for Linux.

The following Backup Exec options are required:

  • Agent for Linux

  • Deduplication Option

Backup Exec Opt Deduplication Win 1 Server Onpremise Standard License + Essential Maintenance Bundle Initial 24Mo Corporate

BE Opt Dedup Win 1 Svr Onprem Std Lic + Ess Maint Bndl Initial 24Mo Corp

The Backup Exec Deduplication Option supports a data-reduction strategy by optimizing storage and network bandwidth. The Deduplication Option supports integrated deduplication at the Backup Exec server and on remote computers that have the Agent for Windows or the Agent for Linux installed. It also allows data to be deduplicated and stored on intelligent disk devices from Veritas and other vendors.

The requirements for the Deduplication Option vary depending on the type of storage devices you want to use and the type of deduplication you want to use. Before you install the Deduplication Option, you should determine what type of storage devices you want to use with it and what type of deduplication you want to use. Then, verify that your system meets the requirements for the storage devices you want to use.


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