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Dark Fall: The Journal

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Dark Fall: The Journal

DARK FALL 1 THE JOURNAL ESD. This Myst-style horror-adventure game will bring fear into your heart. From the very beginning you are exposed to an overwhelming but invisible ghost presence strange calls, footsteps, voices from nowhere.


Dark Fall: The Journal opens with the player listening to an answering machine and receiving an unexpected urgent plea for help from their terrified brother, who is working on a redevelopment project at an old train station. Yet as you arrive at Dowerton Station, it is completely abandoned, That is, something within the walls of the station begins to make itself known. What happened to the town? What happened to your brother? The player must turn paranormal detective to explore the town and its creepy old hotel to save their brother before it's too late.

Dark Fall: The Journal

The Journal is the first part of what is currently a three part series. Originally released as simply Dark Fall, the title was independently published by Jonathan Boakes the games creator at XXv Productions in 2002. However this release consisted of around 2,000 hand made copies and was only in the UK. Shortly after The Adventure Company picked up publishing for XXv and published the game worldwide in 2003 under the new title Dark Fall: The Journal. Several years later in 2009 Darkling Room, Boakes' new company, republished the game after the contract with The Adventure Company ended.

The game itself consists of the long tried and true point-and-click style horror-adventure. Similar to those of Myst and The 7th Guest.

The entire game has the player searching the long abandoned Dowerton Train Station in the sleepy town of Dorset in the UK. The station has a dark past marred by several unexplainable disappearances. You travel there after receiving a message from your terrified brother, an architect who has begun a restoration project on the old station. Once you get there you realize that your brother is missing and it quickly becomes apparent that the station is haunted by ghosts. In your search for your brother you discover that two university students were there hunting ghosts. They too are also missing but have left behind several ghost hunting gadgets that the player uses in the search for your missing brother.

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