Europa 1400: The Guild

Europa 1400: The Guild

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Europa 1400: The Guild
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Europa 1400: The Guild

It is the year 1400- the late Middle Ages. Europe sees the dawn of the golden age of the new departures and the free spirit.


Europa 1400: The Guild is a simulation game set in the middle ages, your objective in the game is to gain both money and power by correctly managing their chosen business and getting elected to goverment offices.


When starting a new game you can choose your parents which will give your character different stats in several attributes that can make your character more suited for a specific line of work. After you have choosen your business you start the game, you can run your shop doing everything from buying materials in the town marketplace to hiring workers. Besides running your business you can engage in varied activities like for example upgrading your house, hire spies to snoop on people, blackmail, accuse someone of a crime, run for office, Etc. Regardless of what type of action you are performing you have a time limit that runs from the morning to the late evening in game time, this time frame is considered as one year. Once the time limit runs out you get a detailed report of your earnings and are able to start the next period.


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