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QuarkXPress 10 Upgrade Mac/Win Box

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QuarkXPress 10 Upgrade Mac/Win Box QuarkXPress 10 Upgrade Mac/Win Box
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Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer Quark, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number 296004
  • Manufacturer Website Address
  • Brand Name Quark
  • Product Type Software
  • Software Name QuarkXPress v.10.0
  • Platform Supported Intel-based Mac
  • Platform Supported PC
  • License Quantity 1 User
  • Distribution Media/Method DVD-ROM
  • Features
      Easy to Use:
      • Streamlined, Modern, Intuitive Interface
      • Intelligent Palettes NEW
      • Full Screen View NEW
      • Adaptive Resolution Technology NEW
      • Task-based Tools
      • HiDPI/Retina® Support NEW
      • Page Navigator ENHANCED
      • Libraries
      • Multiple Views
      • Learn Once for Multiple Channels
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Drag and Drop
      Powerful Design Tools:
      • ShapeMaker
      • Cloner
      • Transparency and Drop Shadows
      • Illustration (B?zier/Pen) ToolsENHANCED
      • Clipping and Masking of Images
      • Table Creation
      • QR Code Creator NEW
      • Advanced Image Control NEW
      • Layers ENHANCED
      • Color Blends
      • Easily Create and Apply Shapes to Any Content
      • Guides and Grids
      • Space/Align and Distribution ENHANCED
      • Super Step and Repeat
      • Automatic Text Runaround
      • Intelligent Scaling
      Precision Typography:
      • Hanging Characters
      • Bullets and Numbering
      • Page Grids and Grid Styles
      • Linkster
      • Story Editor
      • East Asian TypographyENHANCED
      • Glyphs Palette ENHANCED
      • Convert Text to Picture and Text Boxes
      • Text on a Path
      • Professional Text Formatting
      • Create Custom Kerning Pairs and Tracking Curves
      • Special Characters
      • Placeholder Text
      • Create Custom Underline Styles
      • Unicode and OpenType Support
      • Customizable H&J (Hyphenation & Justification) Specifications
      • Font Fallback
      • Font Mapping
      • Highlight Missing Fonts NEW
      • Hyphenation Exceptions
      • Text Find/Change
      • Custom Text Runaround
      • Spellchecking and Hyphenation in 38+ languages ENHANCED
      Integration with Other Applications:
      • Import and Manipulate Photoshop (PSD) Documents
      • Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX)
      • Import Microsoft Word text, style sheets, pictures, and hyperlinks ENHANCED
      • Import Native Adobe® Illustrator® (AI) Files
      • Import, Export, and Edit Text (DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, XTAGS)
      • Import Wide Range of Image Formats (EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, PostScript, TIFF)
      • Enrich Digital Publishing Projects with Sound and Video
      Layout Automation:
      • Synchronize Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
      • Conditional Styles
      • Callouts
      • Composition Zones®
      • ImageGrid
      • Job Jackets
      • Lists
      • Style SheetsENHANCED
      • Item Find/Change
      • Item Styles
      • AppleScript
      • Master pages
      • Indexes
      • Automatic page numbering
      • Integration with QuarkCopyDesk®
      Reliable Print Output:
      • Job Jackets
      • Soft Proofing
      • Spot Inks (including PANTONE® Matching System)
      • Bleed and Registration Marks
      • Configurable PDF Job Options
      • Live Print Previews NEW
      • PDF Pass-Through Transparency NEW
      • Reusable Output Styles
      • ICC Color Management
      • Overprint Control
      Digital Publishing:
      • Design for App StudioENHANCED
      • Export to ePub and KindleENHANCED
      • Layout Spaces
      • Synchronize Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
      • Learn Once for Multiple Channels
      • Automatic Image Format Conversion
      • Convert Print to Digital Publishing Formats
      • Text-to-image Conversion
  • System Requirements
      • Mac Intel


QuarkXPress 10 Upgrade Mac/Win Box

QuarkXPress 10 - Creative expression requires the right tools and when it comes to professional results details matter. QuarkXPress 10 has been redesigned from the inside out to deliver stunning graphics virtuoso productivity features and a design canvas to accentuate your creativity. So whether you love print or live digital XPress yourself with QuarkXPress 10.

NEW Xenon Graphics Engine

The new state-of-the-art Xenon Graphics Engine takes full advantage of your computer's processing power rendering rich PDFs Photoshop and TIFF images to give you maximum performance at the most appropriate resolution.

NEW HiDPI and Retina Display Support

With a pixel density so high that the human eye can't distinguish individual pixels every element of QuarkXPress 10 has been optimized to take full advantage of high-resolution Retina displays.

NEW Modern and Optimized UI

From the new full-screen view to auto-hiding dockable palettes QuarkXPress 10 has been redesigned inside and out.

NEW PDF Pass-Through Transparency

Avoid flattening and create smaller more nimble device-independent PDFs. QuarkXPress objects can interact with placed PDFs and maintain the transparency throughout your workflow.

A deep understanding of PDFs enables transparency information to flow to final output. Placed PDFs can interact with native QuarkXPress objects without either needing to be flattened. Very complex transparency relations can be managed including blend modes and group transparency as well as how it composites from one object to another.

NEW QR Code Creator

Generate vector Quick Response (QR) codes directly within QuarkXPress then style and color them the way you want. Supports text QR codes such as URLs and SMS as well as vCards.

Design Content for Tablet and Smartphone Apps

App Studio is the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution for creating award-winning apps for the iPad iPhone Android and other mobile devices.

QuarkXPress works directly with App Studio to give you complete control over the design of your app content utilizing the world's most efficient environment for laying out content for multiple devices and orientations. Create digital magazines and newspapers highly interactive eBooks catalogs research financial reports digital brochures and more.

Export to ePub and Kindle

With the QuarkXPress eBook Export feature you can easily convert your QuarkXPress print files into well-structured reflowable eBooks for popular reading devices such as the iPad Sony Reader and NOOK or submit to Amazon for the Kindle.

Use Reflow view to extract text and pictures from your QuarkXPress layout and turn them into text and picture components then order and tag the content for consistent display in the Amazon Kindle e-reader and any eBook reader that supports the ePub standard.

ENHANCED Import Text Pictures and Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word

Take Microsoft Word documents with text hyperlinks and pictures and place them directly into your QuarkXPress layout. Text formatting and Style Sheets can be imported and hyperlinks are automatically added to the Hyperlinks Palette.

NEW East Asian Typography Features in Every Edition

QuarkXPress lets layout artists work with East Asian typographical concepts such as vertical story text hanging characters punctuation character width handling phonetic text reading (rubi) font sets character grids grouped characters and intelligent font mapping.

QuarkXPress includes deep and wide support for East Asian typography. You can combine vertical and horizontal story text in the same layout and group sets of characters (such as acronyms) to flow properly in vertical stories.

NEW Other Enhancements in 10

Layers on Master pages print preview and missing font highlighting are just some of the timesaving features
to improve your design workflow.


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