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Removing Microsoft Office with Office Scrubber Tool

April 30, 2024

Gregory Shane

Overcoming Challenges with Microsoft 365 Uninstallation

Many new computers come with pre-installed versions of Microsoft 365, offering users access to a suite of productivity tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While convenient, these pre-installed versions can pose difficulties when attempting to uninstall or upgrade to different Microsoft Office products.

Uninstalling Microsoft 365, particularly on computers that come pre-installed with the software, can sometimes be a challenging task. Traditional uninstallation methods may fail, leaving users frustrated and unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately, there are solutions available, such as the Office Scrubber tool, to fully remove deep-rooted Microsoft 365 products and pave the way for installing new software. Here's how you can tackle this issue effectively.

Download the Microsoft Office Scrubber Tool

The Microsoft Office Scrubber tool is available direct from Microsoft here. The download can be started from selecting Option 2 Under the Click-to-run or MSI.

Install Scrubber Tool

 Once downloaded Select program for your download list or select "Open File" to begin the installation.

 When prompted select "Install"

Installation will start automatically, this process may take a few minutes.

  • Note: The total file size may change as it is installing (Typically up to about 50 MB)

Once finished you will be prompted with an agreement page. Select "I Agree" to continue.

Windows may prompt with "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device". Select "Yes"

The program will continue automatically to get a few things ready and will progress through the next prompts to starting the scan for any office files.

Removing Office Products

The program will prompt to select the version of Office to look to remove. If there are multiple versions of Office that need to be removed, or unsure of which version of Office to have the program search for, select "All of the above versions." This option may take awhile as it will do a complete scan through the system.

Once the version is chosen, Select "Next."

Make sure to save and close any documents or programs that you may have open. Once completed, select the box next to "I have saved all my work, closed open Office applications and stopped any other setup program" and select "Next."

The program will automatically progress through its scan. The amount of time can vary depending on the type of scan selected as well as the computer. It will update to what stage of the process it is and once completed it will prompt to restart the computer. Once restarted it may prompt you about reinstalling any Office 365 after following through a brief survey. If you have the installation file for an Office program already or plan to install a different version of Office just select "No" to close the program.

Seamless Transition to New Software

While uninstalling Microsoft 365 may present challenges, the Office Scrubber tool provides a reliable solution for fully removing the software and preparing your computer for new installations. By following these steps, you can overcome obstacles and transition smoothly to alternative Office products that better suit your needs.

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