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My Choice Software Patch Notes May 2019

My Choice Software is excited to announce the redesign of our website. We have completely reimagine our user interface to ensure the best possible experience for every visitor we engage.

Here are some of the new elements and how they will improve the user experience on our site:

  • A more visually engaging, user-friendly layout.
    • We are retaining the classic look and feel of the website, but some design elements have been revised to better reflect “best practice” and support quicker navigation on any platform.
  • A super filter menu for easier navigation.
    • We’ve made it easier and faster than ever to get where you want to go and find what you’re looking for. Our full line of products is still available through the search function, but we’ve implemented a much more sophisticated and intuitive way to locate the most popular ones.
  • New and innovative search functionality.
    • Search products and content quickly with our innovative search function that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence
    • Provide a better user experience by allowing for more targeted searches and filtering, with no obscure title interference
    • Accommodate searches refined by brand, year, and edition
    • Permit comparison of products at a more granular level
    • Give shoppers more control
  • Customer account information.
    • Customers can now save and track their past orders for future reference and quickly reorder products as desired. Several other helpful customer account features have been implemented to expedite purchase transactions at checkout.
  • Mobile-friendly access.
    • You can now access the My Choice Software website from any device through an enhanced and responsive mobile touchpoint.
  • Better access to our videos and educational content.
    • Our redesigned site provides a curated and refined selection of content that is most relevant to our customers.
  • Product recommendations.
    • We now have a more intuitive, data-driven product recommendation engine to better serve our customers on their path to a purchase.

  • Increased website speed.
    • Customers will experience faster page loads and enhanced user experience, especially when using mobile devices.
  • Redefined product retail pages.
    • We have upgraded our product page design and features to effectively showcase our store catalog and help customers evaluate their product choices.

In the future, we will soon introduce a customer loyalty program that offers our customers value-add services, enhanced support, special promotions, and price discounts.

We welcome you to take the new site for a test drive ( and tell us what you think. We’re hoping you’re as excited by the changes as we are!

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