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Enhance Your IT Infrastructure

Windows server is your gateway to empowered enterprises, offering comprehensive features that drive streamlined operations and optimized resource management.

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Windows Server Standard

Windows Server Standard is a cornerstone in the IT industry, offering a balanced blend of essential features and scalability that caters to a wide spectrum of buisness need.


Create and manages virtual instances for optimized resource use and enhanced scalability.

Manage Files

Centrally manage users, devices, and resources for secure authentication and network administration.

Data Protection

comprehensive set of built-in security features and tools designed to safeguard sensitive information.

Windows Server Datacenter

Windows Server Datacenter provides enhanced virtualization and greater scalability, catering to complex IT environments and demanding performance needs.

Multiple VMs
Unlimited Virtual Instances

Generate limitless virtual machines(VMs) on one server, removing licensing worries and enabling dynamic infrastructure adjustments based on workload needs.

Enhanced Virtualization

With tools like Hyper-V replica, replicate VMs to a backup, securing data and enabling a swift recovery, minimizing downtime risks.

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