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Windows Server Licensing Guide

Understanding efficient Windows Server user licensing.

UnderStanding Essential Features

Dive into fundamentals of Client Access Licenses (CALs), the permissions required for users or devices to access and use the server's services.


Involves running multiple virtual instances or environments (virtual machines) on a single physical server.

Downgrade Rights

Granted to users or organizations to install and use a previous version of the software, even though they have acquired a license for a newer version.

Local CALs

Your access to applications, desktops, and resources within your local network, facilitating seamless utilization for your work and tasks. This includes:


Authorize individual users to access Windows Server resources from multiple devices, providing a flexible and user-centric licensing model.

Device CALs

Grant a specific device the right to access and utilize Windows Server resources, allowing multiple users share a single device.

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Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) offers access for users to connect to and interact with a Windows Server from a location outside the server's physical premises. These include:

Retail CALs

Offers cost savings but adds restrictions on reinstallation or transferability.



Best value (Lowest cost)


Allows users the flexibility to move or reinstall the software as needed.


Downgrade rights (2 previous versions)

Reinstallation rights

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Bundle and Save

Bundle your edition of Windows Server with CALs for ultimate savings!

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