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Windows Server Licensing Calculator

Uncover the best-fit licensing solution for your server setup.

Local Access

Access to a machine on a local network.

Remote Access (RDS)

Access to a remote machine over a network.

Server Configuration

Physical configuration of your machine.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are downgrade rights?

Downgrade rights allow using a new software version's license with previous versions. For example, you can use a Windows Server 2022 license on Windows Server 2019. This is useful when planning a future upgrade.

What are transfer rights?

Transfer rights enable uninstalling software from one machine and reinstalling it on another. Perfect for server upgrades or new setups, this avoids repurchasing licenses.

What is Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Accessing external networks requires an RDS license. Acquired similarly to UCAL or DCAL, this license enables remote connections and necessitates a corresponding local DCAL or UCAL.

What if I am under a Microsoft SAM audit?

If your organization is currently undergoing a Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) audit, you'll likely need to buy Open License Program (OLP) licensing to meet compliance requirements.

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