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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Office 365 Video

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Office 365 Video is changing how you communicate ideas

Video has become an integral part of communicating messages with clients, co-workers, and partners alike, and Microsoft Office 365 helps you to tell your story with its powerful Office 365 Video suite. You can now share helpful how-to’s, corporate communications, and educational video content with your company and beyond via the Office 365 Video portal where users can discover new videos for training or view messages from other team members. For help managing and customizing your Office 365 Video portal, check out...

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Microsoft Planner

Jonathan Dean

Microsoft Office 365 - Office Planner

Organizing your team’s efforts for completing projects together has been streamlined and simplified by Microsoft Office 365 to add all useful work management features into a single place: Microsoft Planner. The dashboard provides users with a clean interface that clearly and prominently display tasks and communications by project; elements of each project are kept separate so you can effectively delegate and complete tasks. Best of all, you and your team members can continue your work from anywhere by accessing Microsoft Planner from any connected device....

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: File Sharing

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Microsoft Office 365 - File Sharing

Microsoft Office 365 has made collaborating with team members and project partners easier than ever with a file sharing network that lets you work in tandem from anywhere. There is no need to continuously email changes to documents and files back and forth between team members. Living versions of your files are stored and supported in the cloud for quick and easy access by any authorized user for the best shareability of its kind. These features help your team always to be in sync with a project’s...

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Virtual Meetings

Jonathan Dean

Microsoft Office 365 has brought in the popular video chat giant Skype to create Skype for Business, granting users the ability to talk face-to-face with anyone in their network, wherever they are. This new feature allows for virtual meetings to take place anywhere, anytime between your team members, business partners, vendors, or with customers who could be half a world away with missing a moment. Office 365’s online meeting features can also reduce the costs of communication by eliminating the need to travel for face time with influential people and grants users the ability to...

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Staying Connected

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Microsoft Office 365 keeps you connected with your team and customers

As we continue our Microsoft Office 365 series, it’s important to remember that this version of Office the most dynamic and versatile one to date due to its ability to keep you connected to your team as well as any new updates from Microsoft. The best way people and businesses stay connected is through communication and planning together, so Office 365 has integrated advanced business-class email and calendar capabilities into its suite of software programs to keep the conversation going...

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