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10 Things For Beginners to Know Using Word 2016

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Whether you are a Microsoft Office veteran or just learning to use the software suite, here are ten major things to be aware of when utilizing Word 2016.

Microsoft’s newest version of Word 2016 has brought Office 2016 on the heels of revitalizing the way people work in the cloud with Office 365. There are new and improved features for the new version, but it is understandable if individuals who are used to older versions of Office may have some challenges in finding their favorite familiar features. For others, this version of Office may be their first use of the...

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How Cortana Can Simplify Your Windows 10 Experience

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What all can Cortana do to enrich your daily activities?

If you are already a Windows 10 user, you have probably dabbled with issuing Cortana, Windows 10’s virtual personal assistant program, commands such as getting a weather report or opening an application. She is fully integrated into all aspects of Windows 10, and will soon be integrated with many Internet of Things devices to control things in your home and around the office with only your voice. This option will be available for Windows 10 IoT CoreRead more →

Top 13 Windows 10 Updates for December 2016

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This month, Microsoft releases its Windows 10 Preview Build 14986, and it is packed with new cool features.

Microsoft launches 13 major updates for Windows 10 users just in time for the holidays to make the experience just a little merrier. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14986 comes packed with multiple new updates that improve Cortana’s functionality, support options, improved interfaces, and more. Windows 10 will be getting the following improvements:

Cortana Gets More Capable

Microsoft’s voice-activated helper can handle more commands than ever before, giving you the...

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Office 365 Video

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Office 365 Video is changing how you communicate ideas

Video has become an integral part of communicating messages with clients, co-workers, and partners alike, and Microsoft Office 365 helps you to tell your story with its powerful Office 365 Video suite. You can now share helpful how-to’s, corporate communications, and educational video content with your company and beyond via the Office 365 Video portal where users can discover new videos for training or view messages from other team members. For help managing and customizing your Office 365 Video portal, check out...

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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Microsoft Planner

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Microsoft Office 365 - Office Planner

Organizing your team’s efforts for completing projects together has been streamlined and simplified by Microsoft Office 365 to add all useful work management features into a single place: Microsoft Planner. The dashboard provides users with a clean interface that clearly and prominently display tasks and communications by project; elements of each project are kept separate so you can effectively delegate and complete tasks. Best of all, you and your team members can continue your work from anywhere by accessing Microsoft Planner from any connected device....

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