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Boot Support BIOS Reference Guide

April 04, 2024

Gregory Shane

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a fundamental component of any computer, responsible for initializing hardware components and loading the operating system. Modifying the boot priority within the BIOS menu allows you to specify the order in which your computer searches for bootable devices. Here's a guide to understanding and modifying boot priority.

Accessing BIOS Menu

It's important to note that BIOS menus can vary significantly between different computer manufacturers and models. While the overall layout and terminology may differ, the basic functions remain consistent across most BIOS versions.

  • Note: If you are not comfortable with making changes to the computer through the BIOS it is highly recommended to take your computer to a service professional

1. Start with the computer turned off, as the BIOS can only be accessed from when the computer first boots.

2. When the BIOS screen appears or you are prompted to do so press the specified key to enter the system BIOS.

  • Note: The specific key for the BIOS can typically be shown when the computer first starts up. This key can vary depending on the computer, and is recommended to refer to your motherboard user manual if not known. Below are some of the more commonly known key bindings from the manufacturer.

Navigating BIOS : Setting Boot Priority

  • Note: BIOS interfaces can vary, the below steps may not match the exact process of your system, but may still provide insight on what options to look for. For exact instructions please refer to your Motherboard user manual.

1. Find your BIOS’s "Boot Options" Menu (In this example it is under "System Configuration")

2. Select the appropriate Boote Media Device (USB / CD/DVD-ROM drive) as the first boot device of your computer.  

3. Save the changes of the settings.

4. Exit BIOS

5. Insert CD / DVD / USB Boot Media

if done correctly the system should start the prompt to do a clean installation. 

Expert Assistance Available

For further assistance or guidance on modifying boot priority or any other technical inquiries, our experienced team at My Choice Software  is here to help. With our expertise in software and hardware configurations, we can provide tailored solutions to optimize your computer's performance and functionality.

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