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    Microsoft Project Professional 2016 – My Choice Software

    Microsoft Project 2016 Professional is the all-in-one software program that lets you manage your projects from one convenient location. Whether you’re working with a team or going it alone, you can keep track of project progress, send updates, brainstorm ideas and track your project from pre-production to release. Project Professional 2016 comes pre-loaded with cutting edge tools that are designed to help you do more in less time.

    Stay Organized

    Project Professional 2016
    is an organizational tool that will help you take charge of your next project. The software makes tracking, recording and planning easier than ever so you can be more efficient and better at what you do. The features, design and even the themes used in the software are designed to help professionals get organized and stay on task throughout the life cycle of a project. Whether the job is big or small, Project Professional can help.

    Meet Deadlines

    Project 2016 Professional
    is designed to keep you on task and to help you meet deadlines. The software comes with features that make reporting and measuring your progress easier and more accurate than ever. Create a timeline to make sure your team is reaching goals or use the built-in progress tracking feature to visually display the current stage the project is in. Use Task Path to highlight priorities and to make sure goals are met on time. For team projects, the software can even be used to enhance collaboration and communication between group members.

    Project Professional Download

    There is an ever-increasing need for organizations to produce bigger and better deliverables and, with this demand, comes the need for progressively elaborate projects. Complex projects need a comprehensive project management system and this is where a Microsoft Project Professional download will save the day. It is indeed the ultimate project management software, with the ability to handle even the largest mission-critical projects.

    Your Microsoft Project Professional download means that you have various pre-built templates for popular projects at your fingertips. This frees up more time to work on more important things. There are familiar automated scheduling tools to help reduce inefficiencies and training time. The Resource Management tools help you build project teams, request needed resources, and create efficient schedules, all in one program. The built-in reports help project stakeholders visualize data to gain insights and therefore make better informed decisions.

    Transparent Resource Management

    Microsoft Project Professional 2016 can document approvals and rejections by line managers when capacity requests are submitted by project managers. This seamless combination of all resource documentation makes agreements between team and project managers much more reliable. It allows for truly transparent resource management across all stakeholders.

    Heat maps

    This incredibly insightful feature will significantly speed up decision-making processes in resource management by showing resource usage capacity using color graphics. You now have a comprehensive view of resources that have either been under-utilized or overloaded, even with very large data volumes and highly-complex project dependencies. Your Microsoft Project Professional download uses a traffic light color scheme and the capacity thresholds are fully customizable to your specifications. Project managers can now preempt resource allocation problems even before they occur.

    Multiple Visual Timelines

    This nifty feature allows you to manage timelines for different aspects of a project and display them as bars on one screen. In this way, you can see the progress of the various project phases in relation to each other without losing sight of the overall project timeline. In a project with numerous subtasks, it is easy to lose sight of any one of them. Your Microsoft Project Professional download puts it all on one single screen with easy ways to view further details on any of them.

    The Tell Me Feature

    Microsoft has integrated a feature called "Tell me what you want to do" in all its Office products. Essentially, you type in what you want to do and the commands instantly present themselves to you. It is integrated into the menu bar and reduces the time required to search for rarely used functions. There is no help screen article to navigate and no separate user manuals to install because the command itself appears.

    Buying Options

    At My Choice Software, we offer Project Professional 2016 in a retail box or as a digital download. Both versions come with a single license which allows the software to be installed on one PC computer. We also offer an international license which can also be installed on a single computer. This software is designed for use on Windows computers.

    Our products are guaranteed to install and are guaranteed to be genuine. For help ordering or for questions about this product, please call our support team at 1-800-318-1439 during our regular business hours and we’ll be happy to help.

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