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How to Become a Microsoft Office Insider

Signing up to be an Office Insider gives you early access to new updates and features Microsoft rolls out for Office 365 users.

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One of the great perks of being an Office 365 subscriber is the constant flow of updates and new features that become available. However, there is an even deeper level of exclusivity with new Office updates in the touted Office Insider program. Office Insiders are early access to beta versions of new features and can provide valuable feedback to Microsoft to make adjustments before the actual launch of the update.   

Office Insider is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. Windows and Windows mobile users are given two options for how they would like to engage with their updates:

  • Office Insider Slow: This version provides Office Insiders with early access to fully supported builds, but will only tolerate minimal risk while also providing feedback to Microsoft for an improved Office experience
  • Office Insider Fast: This version is best for Office Insiders who wish to use the earliest preview builds that do not yet have support; these rough builds are released more frequently so Insiders can provide feedback to Microsoft to iron out the initial bugs and identify more issues

Become An Office Insider

So how do Office 365 users become Office Insiders? Simply visit the Office Insider page and select your preferred platform (Windows Desk, Mac, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, or iOS), and then select ‘How can I opt in?’ under the Frequently asked questions section. The link will take you to the signup screen where you can opt to receive early updates and provide your feedback to Microsoft team.

Once selected, each respective platform tab will give you detailed instructions on how to become a member of the Office Insiders where you will have a chance to play around with the new features or apps. NOTE: Be aware that Office Insider Fast is being released slowly, so those who take that option for Windows products may have to wait to get it.

For any questions on signing up for Office Insider, contact us today!

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  • Hmm, this sounds pretty cool. I thought you have to be a 365 member to join beta.

    Dave Gore on

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