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Microsoft Confirms the Arrival of Windows 11 23H2 This Fall

Microsoft has been diligently improving Windows 11 since its initial launch in late 2021. Along the way, they've introduced some noteworthy updates, including the one in September 2022 and the introduction of File Explorer tabs in October of the same year. Their commitment to progress continued with additional feature enhancements through their 'Moments' functionality. However, the big news is that Microsoft is not hitting the brakes just yet. They have officially confirmed the forthcoming arrival of Windows 11 23H2 later this year.

While 23H2 represents the second significant feature update for Windows 11, it won't be as extensive as 23H2. Microsoft already has its sights set on Windows 12, scheduled for a fall 2024 release. In this article, we will delve into the anticipated key features and developments of Windows 11's upcoming 23H2 update.

New Features

One of the more anticipated features in this latest update is the rollout of taskbar ungrouping. This fresh addition, known as the "never combined mode," enables each application window to appear separately on the taskbar, complete with labels.

Another significant change involves the revamped hover behavior for the search box and search highlight, designed to enhance the overall search experience. Initially introduced in a previous build, but temporarily disabled due to a bug, this updated interaction model triggers the search flyout when users hover over the search box gleam. Users have the flexibility to disable or customize this feature's behavior by accessing "Taskbar settings" after right-clicking on the taskbar.

Lastly, File Explorer will get a bit of a modern makeover, featuring a fresh address bar, a sleeker search bar, enhanced Fluent Design elements, improved touch functionality, and seamless integration of Microsoft 365 features.

What Does This Mean for Me?

According to a recent Microsoft post, "If you're running Windows 11, version 22H2, it will be a simple update to version 23H2 via a small enablement package (eKB)." So this means "you don't need to worry about application or device compatibility between the versions."

Microsoft also suggests you don’t have to wait for the update, you may use the Windows Server Update Services to get the latest version once it’s released in the fourth quarter of 2023.


Windows 11 23H2 may not be a sweeping overhaul, but it offers a substantial array of quality enhancements that hold the potential to significantly elevate both the user experience and system performance. This update demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to refining and fine-tuning their operating system, ensuring that users can enjoy a smoother, more efficient, and feature-rich computing environment.

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