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Device Security: What’s On Your Machine?

Having an antivirus, firewall, and spam filters are important for all device security suites, but which ones you choose for your devices can make a world of difference.

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Device security—we all realize how necessary it is with stories of hackers and malicious cyber-attacks stealing the critical information of unsuspecting people. If you are attacked, you can lose your personal data, money, or even your identity. People’s lives have been ruined by simply logging into an unsecured free Wi-Fi network at the local coffee shop, unaware of the predators hiding in plain sight.

Fortunately, you can avoid this ill fate by using effective device security software suites on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone; however, not all security suites are created equal. What are some of the most effective device security suites available? Check out our list of antiviruses, Internet security, and threat assessment software below:


Norton by Symantec is a popular brand that includes antivirus, Internet security, device security downloads, 360 multi-device packages, and antivirus for Mac products.  


McAfee products is another notable brand that boasts award-winning antivirus capabilities, Internet security protocols, and total protection packages.


Kaspersky products are a good mix of device security as well as protection for the office, offering effective antivirus, Internet security, and small office security for servers.


AVG products excel in offering advanced data protection for all devices as well as reliable antivirus and Internet security software.


ESET products feature very effective antivirus technology that also functions for anti-phishing and scanning your social media channels for malicious content.

ThreatTrack Security

ThreatTrack Security products offer a range of efficient antivirus software programs that search and destroy malware without sacrificing device speed.


Bullguard is a newer brand that provides simple-to-use protection from cyber threats for a lesser cost than most other brands, brandishing software for antivirus, Internet security, and premium all-around protection.


Panda products feature an antivirus suite with helpful features such as real-time protection, protecting network security, maximum wireless network security, safe online buying, and a rescue kit to recover your PC from a bad situation.


Have questions on any of these product lines? My Choice Software offers antivirus and security products from these brands, so our knowledgeable staff can help you with any queries or orders. Contact us in the best way that suits you:

Web Chat (business hours only): Click the “Chat with us!” icon on the right side of the screen at or the My Choice Software Facebook Messenger

Contact us for all questions and concerns regarding device security software.

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