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How Google Chromebooks Dominate As An Educational Tool

Google Chromebooks provide new opportunities for teachers to facilitate more creative and real-world based curriculums using the power of the cloud. *Chromebooks are available from My Choice Software.

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Google Chromebooks have quickly swept into school systems and just in time for the beginning of the school year! My Choice Software recently added Samsung Chromebooks that will be a welcome addition to any classroom. Chromebooks now account for about half of the smart devices used in the classroom alongside iPads and other devices. But unlike iPads, Chromebooks offer many other benefits for students using them including something as simple as price.

What has possessed so many school systems to favor Google Chromebooks over tablets like the iPad? The answer lies among many features that have put the Chromebook formula on the scholastic radar, including the following:

Low Cost

The vast majority of Chromebooks are quite cheap compared to average laptops or traditional computers and are more accommodating for school budgets than, or even iPads (for the price of one iPad, most schools can purchase two or more Chromebooks). The low price of these Google products helps to ensure schools have plenty of devices to go around for all of their students in the classroom. Additionally, Google Apps for Education is a free service that offers many helpful learning tools for students and teachers, including Google Collaboration tools at no cost.


Chromebooks are cloud-based and store most of the data for classroom lessons and student profiles on remote Google servers. Because critical information is not typically stored on Chromebooks themselves, third party software installation is not required (certain plugins to supplement the Chrome experience are notable exceptions, but are still under the Google umbrella). Student and teacher profiles are password-protected and require a Google account login for access to personal information and the apps.

Cloud-Based Performance

Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebooks have very limited physical data storage onboard and have a very simple operating system. The benefits of this configuration mean faster startup and smoother connection to the Internet due to all data storage happening in the cloud.  

Quickly Deployable

These Google-based laptops are incredibly simple to set up for IT administrators since they have very little licensing or software to install before someone begins using the Chromebooks. The most important thing to set up is a Google user account for teacher and students so they can gain access to the various educational apps and programs.

Data Protection Against Theft

In the event a Chromebook is lost or stolen, the students and teachers will not be at a complete loss because all data is saved in the cloud and can be accessed once again from anywhere by logging in via a replacement machine.

Useful Tools & Apps

Google for Education has integrated its popular Google applications such as Google Drive and a variety of other programs to help teachers interact with their students’ work in real time. For example, if all students write a paper in Google Docs, the teacher can view everyone’s work and leave comments or make corrections in real time to help students improve their writing. Additionally, students learn to use everyday production tools and cloud applications that are often in demand in the workforce and college. Students can also use helpful accessories like the dynamic stylus pen to enhance their experience with additional drawing and note-taking functions.


My Choice Software offers the Samsung 12.3" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook Plus, a highly-rated Google Chromebook for your consideration. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have about Chromebooks and how best to use them for your student or school.

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