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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: File Sharing

Microsoft Office 365 - File Sharing

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Microsoft Office 365 has made collaborating with team members and project partners easier than ever with a file sharing network that lets you work in tandem from anywhere. There is no need to continuously email changes to documents and files back and forth between team members. Living versions of your files are stored and supported in the cloud for quick and easy access by any authorized user for the best shareability of its kind. These features help your team always to be in sync with a project’s goals and its progress without delay or confusion. 


Many of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365’s file sharing system include:

microsoft office 365 file sharing always updated


Files are regularly updated

Since your shared files and documents are saved online, they are constantly updated every time one of your team members make a change so that you always see the latest version. There is no need to continuously send changes or notes about changes back and forth between the team and reduces confusion, lag time, and frustration.









microsoft office 365 file sharing cloud 1 TB


1 TB of personal document storage

You get 1 TB of cloud-based storage space for all of your personal and team documents that can be accessed from any connected device. Documents can be accessed by PCs and Macs as well as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.




microsoft office 365 file sharing access control

Complete file access control

You can share documents and files with anyone you invite to view your material, whether they are inside or outside of your company. You can control who has access and who has editing privileges for your files to ensure security as well as shareability.





microsoft office 365 file sharing simultaneous documents

Work simultaneously on documents

Since all the members of your team or project can access the document at the same time, you can be aware of changes and suggestions being made in real time. You can also better combine your efforts with others when making important decisions regarding files and see a live update.



microsoft office 365 file sharing social networkingReceive social networking updates

You can receive updates on shared documents and files through social networking to stay connected at all times. Team members can always remain in sync and find the files they need with ease to keep projects always moving forward.




microsoft office 365 file sharing mailboxes


Create project-specific mailboxes

Create a specific mailbox unique to individual projects to better organize your messages, exchanges, and changes in one central place, ensuring that critical communications are never lost.   



microsoft office 365 file sharing team site

Build team sites

Build sites specific to your team that only your chosen members will have access to safeguard team assets with archiving, rights protection, and automatic policies in place.




Come back to read more ways that Microsoft Office 365 can help you do improve your business productivity. Visit My Choice Software to update to a subscription today! For support on Microsoft Office 365, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or

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