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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Office 365 Video

Office 365 Video is changing how you communicate ideas

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Video has become an integral part of communicating messages with clients, co-workers, and partners alike, and Microsoft Office 365 helps you to tell your story with its powerful Office 365 Video suite. You can now share helpful how-to’s, corporate communications, and educational video content with your company and beyond via the Office 365 Video portal where users can discover new videos for training or view messages from other team members. For help managing and customizing your Office 365 Video portal, check out Microsoft’s support page.


Some of the features in Microsoft Office 365 Video includes:

microsoft office 365 video discovery

Easy Video Discovery

The intuitive video discovery interface allows team members to search and find company videos by category and other criteria to learn new skills, get company updates, or view relevant communications via any device connected to your company’s Office 365 network. Keep your employees in the know with whether they are in the office or elsewhere.   



microsoft office 365 video sharing

Share Video Across the Board

Sharing videos over your network have never been simpler. When you want to upload a video, just drag and drop the file into the upload area, and add any tags and descriptors you desire. Team members can comment and chat about videos using Yammer on the side for more engagement. Videos can also be shown in Delve and can be embedded in SharePoint team sites.


 microsoft office 365 video manage and protectManage and Protect Video Content  

Admins have complete control over who has access to what content as well as managing permissions, adding or removing channels, and featuring relevant video content for all to see. Videos are encrypted and protected through Office 365 and Azure Media Services to give you control as well as peace of mind.



For an expanded view of the many facets of Office 365 Video, check out this video:


Come back to read more ways that Microsoft Office 365 can help you do improve your business productivity. Visit My Choice Software to update to a subscription today! For support on Microsoft Office 365, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or

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