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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Staying Connected

Microsoft Office 365 keeps you connected with your team and customers

As we continue our Microsoft Office 365 series, it’s important to remember that this version of Office the most dynamic and versatile one to date due to its ability to keep you connected to your team as well as any new updates from Microsoft. The best way people and businesses stay connected is through communication and planning together, so Office 365 has integrated advanced business-class email and calendar capabilities into its suite of software programs to keep the conversation going no matter where you go.

Real-Time Syncing of Your Information

microsoft office 365 real time cloud sych

Outlook has been optimized to better organize your emails than ever before with real-time syncing of your emails to your devices. Office 365 also updates your calendars and contact info to all devices as well so that if someone schedules a meeting and changes their phone number, you are always the first to know.





Set Up Meetings Without Difficulty

microsoft office 365 calendar and schedule sync upWhen your team members share their calendars with each other, you can all see when everyone is free to schedule meetings and events around your busy schedules efficiently. No need to play phone tag or make guesses when you have everyone’s schedule at your fingertips!






Keep Your Information Safe on Mobile Devices

microsoft office 365 mobile securityWhen our computers and devices go missing, we can freak out if the device(s) in question contains sensitive business information. If you misplace or lose your phone that is connected to your Office 365 network, you can remotely erase your data to keep it safe and out of the hands of unauthorized people.  

Send Large Email Files With Ease

microsoft office 365 send large email files With some other email services, you may be limited in your file size, meaning you have to send things like images and larger files across multiple emails. Microsoft Office 365 allows messages up to 150 MB in size, so feel free to send pictures or create customized email templates for a personalized touch. Office 365 also provides 50 GB of storage annually per user, so you will always have space for those important emails you need to keep.

 Email Discovery Features

microsoft office 365  email discovery Some plans for Office 365 offer specialized archiving capabilities that assist in legal discovery and compliance. These features also include eDiscovery, a tool to view and analyze data from your business.

Optimized Inbox Experience Without Ads

microsoft office 365 outlook inbox no ads

The inbox email interface for Outlook has been enhanced for better usability, security, and organization for your important messages without being cluttered by junk and ads everywhere.  






Built-In Management Tools

microsoft office 365 built-in management Access your Office 365 admin center from anywhere on your devices to manage accounts–set up email accounts for new users, restore accounts that have been deleted recently, craft custom scripts, manage user accounts, and more. 

Top-of-the-Line Security Measures

microsoft office 365 security

Office 365’s built-in anti-malware and anti-spam filters are your first line of defense against malicious messaging and hidden viruses.






For more ways in which Microsoft Office 365 can improve how you do business, visit our blog for updates. To upgrade today, visit My Choice Software to get your subscription! For support on Microsoft Office 365, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or

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