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Microsoft 365 Accessibility Reminder App

Microsoft is on a mission to empower every individual to collaborate on an equal playing field, no matter their accessibility requirements.

The brainchild of the Microsoft Garage, an internal project space for employees to work on ideas they are passionate about, the Accessibility Reminder App helps individuals create content that is easily consumed by all.


This latest Microsoft 365 add-in offers:

  • A new way to quickly integrate reminders to highlight accessibility issues with content.
  • Create custom notifications for specific authors
  • Links to accessibility training, including organization-specific content.
  • Assistance to fix accessibility issues

Image credit: Microsoft

Image credit: Microsoft


This free add-in is currently available for:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word


It is a well-documented proven fact that diverse teams produce the most outstanding results. Therefore, adding one more way to simplify groups of individuals with various needs working together makes this a must-have add-in for any size organization.

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