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New KeySmart Pro Finds Your Phone with Tile

Compact key organizer KeySmart solves that age-old problem for those of us who lose our keys often as well as our phones.

keysmart pro, keysmart, my choice software

Kickstarter darling KeySmart has announced their next amazing product as the KeySmart Pro with the ability to find your keys using your smartphone, and vice versa. We got a chance to see this new take on the original key organizer, and it is truly now the ultimate tool for keeping your keys compact and with you all the time.

Losing your keys (especially when you are in a hurry) can be one of the most annoying feelings in the world and can cause even the calmest among us to go crazy. There have been many attempts at trying to create a product that locates your lost keys, usually using some sort of remote device. The problem with using a device that you only need to use on occasion is that you may end up losing it as well, so what do you do then?

The Solution: KeySmart Pro

The true solution is using a device you have with you all the time (i.e. a smartphone) to locate your lost keys. The new KeySmart product sets out to do just that, and it works like a charm. Perhaps the more neat feature about being able to find lost keys is to use said keys to find your lost phone, which can happen almost as often these days.

keysmart pro, keysmart, my choice software  

The KeySmart Pro is Bluetooth enabled and connects with the free Tile app that can be downloaded to your phone. If you ever lose your keys, open the Tile app on your phone, and you will see a detailed GPS map with your KeySmart Pro’s location. If your set of keys is nearby (in the house, for example), you can set your KeySmart Pro to play music and to get louder as you approach so you can find your keys much faster. Once you have located your keys, simply tap the ‘Found It’ button within the Tile app.

keysmart pro, keysmart, my choice software

Alternately, the KeySmart Pro reciprocates the process by allowing you to find your phone if it goes missing instead. Simply press the Tile button on the side of the KeySmart Pro, and it will communicate with your phone, causing it to ring even if it is on silent.

keysmart pro, keysmart, my choice software

The KeySmart Pro also has many other tricks up its sleeve besides the same great key organization that fits up to 10 keys in a compact and easy-to-use package. Other features include:

  • LED Light
  • Get notification from other Tile community users if they find your keys (100% anonymous for privacy protection)
  • Rechargeable internal battery with micro-USB port (each charge lasts 3 months)
  • Outer ring to attach car key fob
  • Bottle opener tool

Customers can purchase a variety of extras for their KeySmart Pro, ranging from belt loops to USB flash drives. The product itself is still built with the same high-quality stainless steel frame and removable parts for adding or removing keys. KeySmart has taken their already brilliant product and made it smarter, and by default, better.

keysmart pro, keysmart, my choice software

The KeySmart Pro is available now for pre-orders and will ship August 2017. For more information, check out the company page here.  

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  • Good product

    Larry J. Walker on

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