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Office 365: Advantages of a Subscription License

If you are having doubts about making the switch to an Office 365 subscription license, let these perks put your mind at ease.

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For some people, a “subscription license” sounds like just another payment they must make monthly. However, the overall effect the Office 365 platform will have is to expand what users can do with the software. Microsoft has made the decision to begin the transition from single-purchase software programs that are updated every few years to a monthly subscription license that gives users access to the most current and capable applications available through Office 365. The result is a low monthly price instead of a large one every few years and access to the latest and greatest apps as they become available.

Some the benefits you can expect from buying an Office 365 subscription license include the following:

Use One Subscription for Multiple Devices

Before subscription licensing, a stand-alone software license was only good for one device. If you had additional computers, a new license had to be purchased individually per device. Most standard Office 365 subscriptions can be installed on up to five separate devices, which is a great deal for a single user with multiple devices or a company accommodating many employees at once.

Asset Management

Office 365 gives its admin users great control over asset management and access, providing companies with two solutions they have long dealt with: giving the right access to the right individuals and ensuring ex-employees no longer have access to critical systems. A company administrator working with Office 365 can allow or restrict employee data clearance from a centralized admin hub, preventing vital information from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Everyone Always Uses the Latest Version

Stand-alone software has always had a major drawback: you are stuck with what came with the box, so to speak. While software can be patched or fixed, upgrades are not available unless you buy the newest stand-alone version. The Office 365 subscription license allows you to download all new updates as they come out, keep all users under the same subscription in sync and using the same version.

Save Money on Upgrading and Over Time

Office 365 subscription licenses come at a low monthly price and cover up to five users. If an individual or company were to purchase five single licenses, it would cost substantially more, particularly if five new software packages were purchased with every new version. For a monthly price, a subscription user can upgrade to the newest version for the entire life of the subscription.

Easily Transfer Account to New Computer

In the past, if you purchased one license, you could only install it one machine, and that was it. If you bought a new computer and wanted to have that same software on the new machine, you had to purchase a new disk or product key to install it. With Office 365, your subscription is in the form of an online account that you can transfer to your new computer without issue. If you have your subscription, you can take your account with you.

For more information about Office 365 subscription licenses, contact My Choice Software at (800) 318-1439 or

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