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Office 365: End the PC vs. Mac Compatibility War

Office 365 makes compensating for differences in software and hardware in the same office is a thing of the past.

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Office 365 was created as a means of bringing different users and their devices together to create a much more collaborative environment where people could participate in any project from any machine.

They say there are two types of people in the world: PC users and Mac users (unless you count Linux). Up until now, transferring documents from one operating system to another could be dicey at best, given that while there were versions of Office for both PCs and Macs, their functionality and user interfaces often differed to such a degree that it would annoy anyone working in the same office. For example, actions and functions in the ribbon in Word would look much different for a PC user than for a Mac user.

Emailing documents to one another could also be difficult, particularly if one version of Office had a newer feature that the other machine did not possess. Feature compatibility could be an issue for Mac users since the PC version would get more updates over time; since Office 2011 for Mac, the perpetual PC version has gotten an update two times (2013, 2016).

Office 365 Works for PC and Mac Seamlessly

With Office 365, no one in your office should ever have to worry about facing compatibility issues again thanks to the all-in-one package of software that utilizes cloud technology and online account to share documents and work on projects together.

By applying an Office 365 subscription to your office machines, any PCs or Macs will use the same kind of system that makes sharing documents back and forth efficient without unnecessary delays. Since document sharing and transfers happen in the cloud, there are no file type complications that take place between PCs and Macs. Office 365 can offer your mixed office these benefits:

  • Share documents easily using the same subscription software for both PC and Mac
  • No longer buy separate software for each operating system (PC or Mac versions, respectively) and save money
  • Make things easier on your IT person by installing one subscription service instead of multiple software programs
  • Updates will always happen at the same time for all hardware types

Keep the machine you love while being able to collaborate effectively with your other team members that may have a different hardware system than you. Office 365 is the bridge between hardware differences by offering a solution that solves compatibility issues between the two great players in the computer world.

To speak with a knowledgeable representative regarding Office 365, contact My Choice Software at (800) 318-1439 or

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  • Mac now supports Windows. lol

    Roger Turner on

  • Wow this is so cool. I wonder what’s going to happen if a hard drive gets corrupted. Will they send a diver for every hdd fail? lol

    Kathleen Edwards on

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