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Office 365: Hidden Gem Apps to Know About

You may be familiar with the traditional Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), but these new additions can provide you with a much richer Office 365 experience.

office 365, hidden gems, apps, my choice software

One of the greatest advantages of having an Office 365 account over perpetual Microsoft software released every few years is access to wonderfully useful apps as they become available. Many of these newer apps have become available in only the last few years, and more still are relatively unknown to many Office 365 users. Microsoft has created multiple hidden gems that can assist you with almost any part of your business or daily life, from simple calendar planning to share critical documents with team members halfway across the world.

After logging into your Microsoft Office account via, you can see all the apps that are available to you through your chosen Office 365 plan homepage. While not all the applications listed below will be available with your chosen Office 365 plan, they can give you food for thought should you decide that a different or upgraded plan better suits your needs.

*Please Note: This list will be excluding classic applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Outlook, although some of the apps listed below will be accessible via Outlook.



Calendar, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps 

Calendar is accessible via the Outlook Web App and displays quick information on events you or a designated colleague have entered into the shared calendar. You can view upcoming events by Day, Work week, Week, and Month to be as concise as you desire. Create new calendar events in Outlook by selecting New > Calendar event.

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people, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps 

Keep track of your prominent contacts inside and outside your organization with People, accessible through Outlook. By using this app, you can pin people that you frequently contact, appear on your calendar, need to follow up with, or just want to keep handy in your Favorites list. Select “Pin this view” on any of the options to place the specified view prominently at the top of your page when you open People.

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yammer, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Yammer is Office 365’s chat-based communication app in which you can write messages and send files to other members in your company’s Yammer account. You can also create or discover exclusive Groups to keep communications between certain people to stay focused on projects. Follow individual people to get their updates or to leave comments.

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newsfeed, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

A feature of SharePoint, NewsFeed allows you to follow people, documents, and tags within your organization as well as any sites that are shared with you by other Office 365 users. You can view the activities of other people or departments to get updates on what is happening among other teams.

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sharepoint, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Serving as a central hub for sharing content with others, SharePoint gives Office 365 users an easy means of accessing organization material from anywhere through the cloud. SharePoint Server products provide users with an on-premises solution for safeguarding and sharing data while SharePoint Online lets team members interact with content from anywhere on mobile devices. You can create a custom Site to upload your content to and share with others in your organization.

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planner, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Planner is a highly visualized task management system that helps your team organize its workflow and track progress on everyone’s progress. From the app, you can share relevant files, chat with team members, and assign tasks to others for completion. You can also get a view of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done in real time with an intuitive workflow graph system.

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tasks, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Another feature of Outlook, Tasks works in tandem with Outlook’s other apps so you can assign or receive task assignments via email or from the central shared Calendar. In addition to assigning tasks, you can flag items that you would like to track.

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delve, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

A useful app for finding what you are looking for across Office 365, Delve brings you the most interesting and relevant content to which you already have access. At any time, you can click on other user profiles and see what documents they are working on, which is useful if you don’t remember the name of a document. You will only ever be able to see documents you already have access to in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. When you find what you are looking for, create a board to pin the document to for easy access to it later.

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video, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

The Video app provides organizations a single destination from which to upload and share video content. These videos can be relevant to products, projects, education, instruction, and building new ideas. Videos are easily shared through the social applications such as Yammer, Delve, and SharePoint. Security measures also ensure that only the right people have access to the right content.

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sway, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Sway gives you the ability to compile text, pictures, and video content together into stories that can serve as presentations, interactive reports, and intuitive charts and graphs. The application helps you to build your stories by suggesting relevant content based on your search and letting you adjusts your project designs on the fly. Once completed, your Sway projects are easily shared via links and other Office 365 apps across multiple devices.

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powerapps, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

This unique app allows you to build and publish new apps for others to try out. The best thing about PowerApps is that you do not need to know coding to build great apps. The intuitive interface allows anyone to customize functions easily and connect systems to create new data. Utilize your personal experience and knowledge to build apps that can provide solutions to existing problems without extensive coding knowledge.

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flow, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps

Performing repetitive, monotonous tasks can be time-consuming for any organization, and Flow integrates with over 97 apps (Microsoft and non-Microsoft) to make your workflows much more efficient. Flow uses the convenience of automation to establish multistep task workflows that you can keep an eye on at any time while also freeing you up to focus on more abstract tasks. You can also add certain conditions to workflows to ensure that they only act under the right circumstance.

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Dynamics 365

dynamics 365, Office 365, my choice software, microsoft, apps 

Dynamics 365 is a new suite of business apps that combine the power of Office 365 with CRM and ERP to give companies more capabilities in innovation and effectiveness in their respective industries. Apps that are included in this all-in-one business solution include productivity tools, advanced analytics, Power BI, Internet of Things, and business app integration to reduce costs and bring your company into the digital space.

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My Choice Software offers multiple Office 365 plans to suit your software preferences to optimize your business, work, and life. You will always get a better price through us. For all inquiries and sign-ups regarding Office 365, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. 

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