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Office 365 is an IT Technician’s Dream

With Office 365, your IT person will thank you when he/she has one streamlined system in place for everyone.

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Office 365 seeks to bring the many kinds of productivity programs out there together into one cohesive system that integrates all its programs together for optimized efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes an office can have multiple operating systems, hardware preferences (usually PC vs. Mac), and even different versions of the same software. Accounting for all those variables can make the company IT expert go crazy, particularly when employees start to complain about compatibility issues, among other things.

Put yourself in the shoes of an IT person at a company who is responsible for setting up and maintaining everyone’s computers and devices. If some people have PCs and other have Macs, it can already be hard to keep the computers on the company network playing nice. Additionally, if some employees have older versions of software such as Office while others have newer versions, then documents may not display correctly nor will some have access to more advanced features. Trying to keep everyone’s machines talking and playing nice can be a weekly if not a daily struggle.

From an IT point of view, Office 365 makes a lot of sense in that it can bridge the gaps between hardware and software for all team members. By utilizing Office 365 in a professional office setting:

  • All shared documents between employees will be compatible with each other no matter what operating system or hardware an employee uses in the office
  • All data is shared on one integrated cloud network with corporate-level security
  • Each employee gets a minimum 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Permissions and restrictions to data are easily managed from a central hub
  • Installing new software on existing or new computers is simplified
  • All employees have the same current version of Office productivity tools

For more information on the technical logistics of using Office 365, contact My Choice Software at (800) 318-1439 or

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