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Will Artificial Intelligence be the end of your career?

Project Managers are up First

Artificial intelligence used to be considered a fantasy concept, science fiction at its finest. Well, now it’s here. And it has proven to be more functional than we ever realized. New technologies and data models are constantly emerging that are capable of replacing more and more work functions. As AI tech progresses, so will the ability of computers to do previously manual jobs. The entire tech world is embracing this change.

“Assign resources optimally, coordinate multiple projects and report on activities… are all things a computer can now be taught to do”

As a project manager, what does this mean for you? Surely, a computer can’t manage a project, right? Well, artificial intelligence does have implications for project managers. It might not be close to mastering certain management skills, like leadership or communication. But, it can certainly handle the administrative tasks of managing a project. Think about it: The primary tasks of a project manager are to assign resources optimally, coordinate multiple projects and report on activities. Those are all things a computer can now be taught to do. So, where does this leave you, as a project manager?

Making AI highlight your skills

First, let’s understand what artificial intelligence is and its limitations. In truth, robots are not smarter than humans. AI is simply the use of machines for computing that is more advanced than traditional operations. They cannot compare to the cognitive reasoning of human beings. Based on that fact, you can secure your role as a project manager.

The most important thing you need to do is use AI as a tool, and not as a substitute for your role as a manager. Project managers often spend endless hours working with underdeveloped software, trying desperately to coax it into some semblance of a project management tool. Rather than wasting your precious energy trying to get project tasks and resources to magically align and balance, focus it on the non-calculable aspects of management like managing staff, maintaining morale, and building a healthier team. Let artificial intelligence take care of the time-consuming administrative tasks.

Getting the right tools

Microsoft Project is one such product, considered to be the best in its genre. It has incredible planning and scheduling features which is pretty much the backbone of every project ever undertaken. It helps you prioritize every task, from critical to nice-to-have. This helps keep everyone focused and prepared. Task management is another core function of a project manager and Microsoft Project handles this like a champ. Keeping on track with the project calendar is another task that can be automated. Just tell Microsoft Project what task needs to be completed and when you need it finished. It will ensure the team gets regular reminders, updates and notifications.


Get the latest Project Management tools from Microsoft to keep your skills relevant and with the increase of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


Project timelines are managed beautifully by Microsoft Project. It gives stakeholders a detailed view of the project progress, customized to their role. Collaboration is also much easier. Connect everyone with awesome sharing capabilities for files and client data. The team dashboard offers a complete and detailed overview of the entire project. It keeps everyone informed by showing the state of project KPIs in comparison to the big picture. Microsoft Project’s reporting features are legendary. Complex reports can be generated with minimal effort. Multiple projects are handled with no problem. One of its best features is resource management. You can assign and order tasks based on resource availability and demand. You can also allocate specific resources full time or part time. Create a pool of resources and access them, as required, to complete tasks.

Utilize Microsoft Project and Artificial Intelligence to stay relevant.

Artificial intelligence could never replace a good project manager. If you want to be on top of your game, having an exceptional project management weapon in your arsenal will definitely give you the edge. We are living in a world where artificial intelligence is eager to replace what doesn’t work as well as it can. If you’re a project manager, Microsoft Project will make you irreplaceable.

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