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    Microsoft Word 2013

    Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing program and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It is used primarily for creating text-based documents such as letters, brochures, learning materials, tests and even more complex publications like booklets. It has a comprehensive variety of tools and features that make it an absolute pleasure to work with. These are some of Microsoft Word’s most used features:

    Built-in Proofing Functions

    As you type out the words, Microsoft Word’s proofing functions will essentially “read” the document as you type and check for spelling and grammar errors. These errors are automatically marked and suggestions with suitable corrections are prepared for you to choose from. In many instances, certain common mistakes (swopped, missing or double characters, etc.) are corrected automatically as you type. It can also automatically format fractions, turn text into hyperlinks and automatically capitalize where it is needed (like days of the week or the first words of sentences).

    Comments and Suggestions

    With this feature, you can note down comments and suggestions without editing the actual content of the document. It simply marks the part of the text you want to comment on and inserts a separate box containing your amendments.

    References, Citations and Bibliographies

    This is an absolute must-have if you are a student, a teacher or anyone who creates documents that cites work from other sources. You can use Microsoft Word to easily include references and bibliographies in all of the most commonly accepted proper formats. In the body of the document where references are used, those sections are intelligently marked so that, with just a click or two, all of the proper required reference syntaxes are created automatically.

    Integration with Other Programs

    At times, it may be required to insert parts of files into your Microsoft Word document, like parts of an Excel table with calculations or a slide from a PowerPoint presentation. This is easily achievable by using the Insert feature of Microsoft Word. You have the option to choose whether to insert a link to the external file itself or to just display the file contents in your Microsoft Word document.

    Every computer user needs access to a word processor, for everything from shopping lists to mission-critical business reports. You will not go wrong with choosing Microsoft Word. Its robust design and connectivity features make it the only word processor you will ever need. Being a Microsoft product, you are guaranteed of a secure, resourceful and comprehensive program.

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