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    Microsoft OneNote 2013 - Box Pack - 32/64 Bit Medialess |


    While Microsoft OneNote may have started out as an information gathering tool, it has blossomed into so much more than that. OneNote 2016 is now a multi-skilled digital notebook app that is packed with tools to make you more productive and creative. It is easily to collaborate with other apps and, thanks to Microsoft’s use of cloud technology, it is accessible from almost anywhere. OneNote 2016 can handle several different kinds of input, so hand-scribbled notes, camera snapshots and even audio recordings can all live happily together on one page. Here are some reasons why OneNote 2016 is an absolute necessity in your life: 

    OneNote 2016 is an intelligent freeform canvas

    You can embed almost anything and make it searchable, not just text. You can highlight, draw, enter text, and pinch and zoom on your device. You can insert math equations, scan handwritten notes, add recordings of a lecture, and more. You are not limited by traditional formatting restrictions and compatibility constraints.

    OneNote 2016 can read handwriting

    OneNote’s built-in OCR (optical character recognition) technology can recognize your handwritten notes and even convert it into digital text. This is incredibly useful for anyone using a stylus to write notes. It adds another dimension of functionality to your work and saves an invaluable amount of time spent on transcribing text. Using the “Ink to Text” will convert your scribbles into digital information that can be used in countless different ways. The “Ink to Math” feature will turn your handwritten formulas into a digital mathematical expression which has several possible uses.

    OneNote 2016 can source information automatically

    Microsoft OneNote will automatically add a source link from anything you copy and paste from the Internet. This makes compiling a bibliography a much easier task. Now there’s no need to backtrack your search history or record your URLs manually. This is all done without you needing to do anything else. 

    OneNote 2016 is compatible with other apps

    OneNote is easy to integrate with other Microsoft Office apps. You can import charts from Excel, take notes on PowerPoint slides, create meeting notes from Outlook appointments, or add Visio diagrams to your notes. OneNote accepts all this assorted content and lets you arrange all of it in a way that works for you. 

    OneNote 2016 is organized

    OneNote has a tiered organizational system: notebooks, sections, and pages. Notebooks are like files that hold information of assorted types (e.g. Recipe Notebook). Sections help divide that information within a file into different genres (e.g. Breakfast Recipes, Seafood Recipes, etc.). Pages contain the actual information (e.g. Omelet Recipe, Paella Recipe, etc.).

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