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    Microsoft SQL Server 2017

    Microsoft SQL Server 2017

    For years, Microsoft has dominated the kingdom of data platforms with their increasingly
    innovative versions of SQL Server. Now, they have absolutely outdone themselves with their latest offering in premier database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server 2017. SQL Server 2017 now gives you an even wider variety of features for all aspects of data management that is guaranteed to ensure maximum productivity, whether you are a database administrator, a developer, or an analyst. Let’s have a look at some of the major features you can expect from SQL Server 2017:


    SQL Server for Linux

    One of the biggest announcements around the release of SQL Server 2017 is that it is now available for Linux systems. SQL Server recognized the need to expand its solutions to the Linux public and can now proudly offer the power of SQL Server 2017 to both Microsoft and Linux-based systems. MyChoiceSoftware can assist with every step of setting you up with SQL Server 2017 on both platforms.


    Automatic Tuning

    Automatic tuning means that a database system is able to learn to evaluate its own
    performance under various workloads and intelligently adjust itself to run optimally. Using the Query Store, which tracks query execution plans and runtime statistics, SQL Server 2017 can identify queries that have degenerated in performance, and change its execution plans accordingly. If it determines that any change has not been successful or has made the problem worse, Automatic Plan Correction will help correct performance issues that are due to plan regression, without the need for human intervention. A database management system that can make itself more efficient? This is every database administrator’s dream.


    Graph Database

    SQL Server 2017 now proudly introduces the concept of the graph engine. Relational databases are built on a hierarchy setup. But sometimes, one object may not necessarily supervise the other, as a hierarchy would suggest. This supports your organization in even more ways to keep up with the changes from traditional data models to a newer and bigger world.


    Resumable Online Index Rebuild

    As databases get modified, indexes get fragmented as these updates happen, and need to be reorganized and rebuilt periodically. This is a very labor-intensive exercise and is usually run during maintenance windows. On bigger systems with bigger databases, some operations need more time than can be allowed for maintenance. Resumable index rebuild lets you schedule a fixed window of time for your maintenance operations (usually outside office hours or busy periods) or to pause and resume them manually as required.

    Microsoft has taken its many years of experience in leading the world of database management and gained deep insight into what customers actually want from their databases and where their frustrations come from. Purchasing SQL Server 2017 from MyChoiceSoftware means that you are getting the best of both worlds: the best database management system available on the market at deeply discounted prices.

    MyChoiceSoftware offers unparalleled customer service with non-automated support by phone or email, as well a live-chat system on our site during regular business hours. 

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