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Achieve Business Mobility with Microsoft Office 365

The mobility of Office 365 allows users to work how they want when they want with an easy transference of information.

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We are living in an ever-evolving professional world where the work environment is no longer limited to a desk and chair at the office, but where ever you can get a Wi-Fi signal. Mobility has taken over just about every market, and people are using their mobile devices more and more for personal and professional use. Workers can check their email from their phones, and review documents from their laptops or tablets.

With mobility in mind, working the 9 to 5 grind is quickly becoming an outdated concept as working from devices capable of offering mobility increase in popularity. The ability to work away from one’s desk has also become a crucial aspect of a business’ ability to compete in the larger picture and attract more talent that finds the prospect of mobility attractive, optimized, and efficient.

Using cloud storage allows employees to access necessary data securely to perform their tasks anywhere from a mobile device. Additionally, all changes to documents and projects are saved instantaneously and viewable by everyone with access, ensuring that everyone involved always stays on the same page regarding progress and open communication.

Office 365 offers a system that is flexible in how you conduct business and allows any employee to work from anywhere while always staying touch with what is going on. 

Work from Wherever, Whenever

The idea of working from anywhere has become very popular along with the rise of smartphones, tablets, and hybrid laptops. Most people utilize their mobile devices to conduct personal business such as reading the news, streaming video, shopping, and more; that expectation is extending itself deeper into the workplace as many people are discovering a preference to work from any place, any time due to commuting costs in time, money, and stress.

Telecommuting has been found to increase productivity in creative tasks and reduce overall costs of working; employees also tend to work longer hours because of the extra opportunities to get work done while idling such as waiting at the airport, riding a train or bus, or just working from home. These opportunities are possible in the form of decentralized cloud-based services offered through Microsoft Office 365. Your work files are available over a secure cloud network unique to your business for employees to work with whenever they want to accomplish tasks.

Office 365 for Business takes things a step further by offering the whole suite of Office 365 apps for installation on five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five phones. The advantages of this plan are that you don’t have to buy new equipment, your employees can install Office 365 for Business on their own preferred devices, and you can be assured your data will be safe thanks to security features such as Protected View, Trusted Documents, and more.

Teamwork Optimized

Working on a team in the past could be a time-consuming task, particularly if you were working with people who were outside your local vicinity. Team members could be on another floor or in another country, and you had to learn to work around the proximity constraints to get things done. With the advent of cloud technology, sharing information and communicating with people anywhere in the world has become much simpler.

No longer do you need to sift through your mountain of emails to find that crucial document a team member sent you. Meeting with a partner on a project face-to-face doesn’t have to require a flight out to a distant destination. Through the cloud with Microsoft, you and your team members can work cohesively and always in sync with one another. You can be half a world away from your partner on a project, but if there is an Internet connection, you can video chat about your efforts, measure your progress in real time, and work on the same document simultaneously from anywhere with changes to your work instantly saved.

When your team utilizes Microsoft Office 365, you are employing a solution that can reshape what it means to work together efficiently. Use the multi-conferencing feature of Skype for Business to chat with all team members no matter where they are at the same time. Share documents, calendars, and more online with constant updates anytime someone makes a change to stay on the same page and no confusion. Additionally, employees receive one terabyte of document storage in the cloud through Microsoft OneDrive for anytime access, anywhere. Also, based on the restrictions you place on individual documents, you can share things with anyone inside or outside your organization for improved communication and commerce.

Keeping Your Data Secure

When considering the move to mobility, one of the primary concerns many businesses have is the level of security with using cloud services to hold their sensitive data and information. However, trusting your data to a secure cloud network can give you peace of mind and more control over who can access your information. When dealing with your server on site, you are responsible for keeping it safe and maintained to keep your data secure, which can be a hassle when you have so many other things to focus on in your day-to-day operations. IT services can be costly, particularly if you have in-house staff members doing the work.

Office 365 takes the burden off your shoulders by handing off the maintenance and update duties to Microsoft and their robust network. Microsoft’s cloud service offers multiple data layers of security features as well as logical and physical barriers to keep your information in the hands of those you deem necessary. These enterprise-level administrative and user controls help you to decide who can access information at any time for a much safer work environment. Businesses also do not have to worry about staying updated in compliance with local and federal regulations because it is all maintained by Microsoft.  

Using the cloud with Microsoft also gives you remote access to devices that house your data in Office 365. If a device is ever lost or stolen, you can remotely lock access to protect your data until the device is recovered or disconnected. Additionally, if an employee installed Office 365 on their personal device, but no longer work for you, you can remotely disable their access to company information. You can also change passwords, reset usernames, or completely wipe your data from a device. 

Explore New Opportunities with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides an unrivaled level of security that gives you the control you need over your business’ data while giving employees fewer constraints in where and when they can do their work. Your team can be mobile while minimizing risk and can utilize built-in fail safes should the need arise. 


My Choice Software has all versions of Microsoft Office 365 available for download and install. To purchase and install Office 365 for your business today, visit today to find the plan that is right for your company. For further queries or support about business mobility, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or for more details.

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