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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: The Mobile Office

Working from anywhere made simple with Microsoft Office 365

If you have been considering whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade your Microsoft Office suite at work to the subscription-based Microsoft Office 365, you should be aware of the many tools and benefits this new take on the popular suite of software has to offer. In today’s fast-paced market, the technology you use to run your business can be just as important as the people you hire to be a part of it, so using a system that can integrate multiple processes and teams together is essential to company productivity and customer connectivity. 

Let’s state the obvious stuff: Microsoft Office 365 is a new breed of task management software suites that makes working together with others easier than ever before. Office 365 also changes the parameters of what is possible with such software, allowing users more creativity and freedom to craft documents, forms, and presentations in more dynamic ways.

Here are some of the best ways that Microsoft Office 365 can help your business thrive:

Take your work in Office 365 anywhere

microsoft office 365 mobile office

Office 365 is compatible with your mobile devices that have the software installed on them so you can edit, create, and share your projects with others from wherever you are. Desktop versions of Office are also available so you can work online or offline. Compatible devices include PC, Mac, iPad, Android, iOS.

You are always up-to-date

microsoft office 365 up to date

Since Office 365 is a subscription-based service, you never have to worry about buying brand new software every so often just to stay up-to-date. The service will automatically update your software with patches, new tools, and enhanced features for as long as you continue the service.

Working in the cloud

microsoft office 365 cloud 

Your data and work are saved online much the same way websites operate on that Internet, meaning that like the World Wide Web, you can access your work at any time and make changes from any device connected to your account. Your co-workers and employees can be given access to this account in which the whole group can work, edit, and collaborate in the same room or different places altogether. Files that you work on are always autosaved, and ensure that you are always looking at the most current version. With Office 365, you and your colleagues are always connected.

One service, multiple devices

microsoft office 365 5 users 

Some subscriptions allow you to install Office 365 on up to five desktops or laptops and five tablets under one plan. These plans are especially helpful for small teams to operate under one plan to minimize costs while all being able to stay connected with the popular suites of software. Installations can also be seamlessly transferred to new devices when you upgrade or change your hardware.

No need to reinstall with updates and upgrades

microsoft office 365 no reinstall 

Unlike past software installations, Office 365 works online and updates your software without you even noticing, saving time and money for upgrading your software.

Stay tuned for more ways that Microsoft Office 365 can improve how you do business. To upgrade, visit My Choice Software to get your subscription today! For support on Microsoft Office 365, contact us at (800) 318-1439 or

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  • 5 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business
    1. Exchange Online
    2. Lync Online
    3. SharePoint
    4. Yammer
    5. Office ProPlus

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    Olivia Parker on

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