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Office 365, Read our Handpicked Favorite Features

Microsoft Office 365 is the most efficient way to get work done, whether you utilize it for business or personal use; the accessibility to files and documents streamlines workloads of every of size. However, the vast assortment of features can be a bit overwhelming, and easily overlooked.

To help, we've highlighted the most useful Office 365 tips and tools so you can get the most out of your software.
We know you work hard, but with these Office 365 features, now you can work even smarter.


Who Needs an Office When You Have the Cloud?

Have you ever had to email a document to yourself just so you could pull it up somewhere else on another computer or device? If the answer is yes, then you know it is a time-consuming, hassle, that ends up somewhere buried in your inbox. Fortunately for us, Microsoft has a solution for all of your documents, emails, slides, photos, music, and just about everything else you need on a daily basis. Office 365's cloud storage service, OneDrive allows you to share, send, and store your files all in one easily accessible place.

Bonus: it's REALLY easy to use, simply upload a file to OneDrive, now you have the ability to access your documents and edit them on any device just by signing into your account. Away from the office? Not a problem, even the most dedicated workaholics will appreciate the ability to collaborate on projects, simply by sharing a link with co-workers, allowing them see and edit documents in real-time, right along with you. Office 365 takes productivity to the next level with Skype for Business calls. Calls to mobile phones and landlines are included in your subscription, now staying connected is easier than ever before.

Edit PDF's Without Losing Quality

If you have ever had to copy and paste a PDF into a Word document so you can try and edit it, then you are familiar with all of the copy-errors and formatting disasters that come with it. Now, with Office 365 you have the option to import PDF's directly into a Word document and edit without the headache. Office 365 removes the need for you to copy and paste and eliminates formatting errors caused when converting between formats. Tip: To save the file back as a PDF, open the File menu, click Export, and select PDF.

Stay on Track

One of the most helpful solutions available on Office 365 is the ability to import your notes from OneNote and replicate them into calendar details that can be effortlessly synced between all of your devices. Calendar updates can hold a wealth of data too, allowing you to better allocate your time, store information and contacts, schedule meetings, and keep your day, week,and month organized. You can even create calendar invites and reminders for important dates with friends, family, and co-workers.

Declutter your Email

Office 365 offers a couple of excellent tools to assist you in the fight against email clutter. You know those emails that aren't quite junk, not spam, but the ones you've probably opted into and rarely read, those my friend are clutter. Now with Office 365 there is Clutter, a new tool built into your inbox that learns your email habits, filters emails, and creates more space. Although it is different from a spam filter, as you will still receive notifications about the emails arriving, you simply won't have to watch them pile up in your inbox. 

Does your business inbox overflow with replies to the same email chain forwarded to the entire office? Using Clutter for your business emails is a life saver when it comes to those "reply-all" emails, diverting the flood of responses away from your inbox. With Office 365, you'll have the ability to stop seeing the unnecessary mail by clicking the "mute" button.

Office 365 has a plethora of features, and it's easy to get stuck using the same old stuff you're used to. These Office 365 tips offer up some of the best ways that you can quickly and easily optimize your workload and get more out of you software. For more on Office 365 check out our comparison guide or contact us.



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